Jamey Stegmaier

I'm a board game designer and president of Stonemaier Games. I write about Kickstarter. Most photos I take are of my cats and games.

Meeple Circus! It was a massacre in my ring. Some blame the hungry tiger, others my feeble attempt to balance too many tokens on the elephant. @editionsmatagot #boardgames
I tried out a thunder blanket for the first time last night while playing Castles of Mad King Ludwig (one of my favorite games). The weight of the blanket was really nice. #totoro
Charterstone: The first game we’ve released with thick metal coins in every copy. It won’t be the last.
Blood Rage with painted minis! There was a giant, epic battle in the middle of the board during our game last night.
This photo includes a number of things I adore, even though some of those things may not adore each other.
Scythe’s realistic resources just make me happy. The custom wooden tokens included in the game are fine, but I’ll always play with these.
Downforce! I was blown away by how much fun this was when I played it on Saturday. Simple to learn, interesting decisions, and positive player interactions to balance out the blocking. #boardgames
This is Stella, a friend’s pet pig. She briefly allowed me to hold her yesterday at a game day, and it was kind of magical.
The Great Zimbabwe! I’ve been wanting to play this for a while. It has so many unique mechanisms—I can’t wait to talk about it on my game design YouTube channel! #boardgames
The Scythe Legendary Box can fit exactly 1 Walter (or all components for Scythe, expansions, and accessories).
The Networks! I finally got to play it last night, and I loved it. The names of the shows, ads, and stars are hilarious.
Charterstone/Biddy throwback! This was the first carton of Charterstone I received. I really put my heart and soul into this game, and Biddy acknowledged that in his own special way. :)
Cats like meeples too! Walter’s favorite is his red Meepillow from @topshelffun #cats
I run Stonemaier Games from my small condo, so space is a precious commodity. Yesterday I organized a ton of prototype components and samples (spoilers if you zoom in!) into drawers instead of bins, and the difference is incredible.
I recently realized I didn’t need a huge TV stand to hold my @tivo and cable box, so I ditched the stand and added a shelf. But now wires are everywhere! How would you solve this?
Dominion! It’s been a long time since I’ve played this classic, and there are elements of it that still hold up. Lots of fun! #boardgames
Walter sleeps 23 hours each day. The other hour is for ribbons.
Scotland Yard! I’m amazed at how well this classic holds up. I’m a terrible Mr. X, but I love the devious nature of the little cap. #boardgames
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