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I'm a board game designer and president of Stonemaier Games. I write about Kickstarter. Most photos I take are of my cats and games.

Dice Forge! One of the biggest surprises for me so far at Geekway. It’s a very rewarding engine builder. What’s your favorite mechanism in it?
Amidst a busy, fun weekend filled with great games and new friends at Geekway, my highlight so far was holding my baby niece for the first time. She’s 12 weeks old.
Raiders of the North Sea! A worker placement game where none of the workers are yours—an interesting concept. I’ll be sharing my favorite mechanism in a video today. What’s yours?
I saw this while getting a treat at Gelato Di Riso the other day. It made me laugh.
Lucidity! Yesterday’s game design video was about the ways this game balances player agency and luck. It’s incredibly satisfying to reach into a bag full of dice.
My Little Scythe! While this isn’t the first time we’ve put an achievement sheet in a game, including a painting guide is new for us. Will you be painting your My Little Scythe miniatures? #mylittlescythe #stonemaiergames
My air conditioning is broken, so the cats are sprawling all over the place to stay cool. Biddy *conveniently* chose to cover the notes for a game I’m working on. #cats
Mansions of Madness! A friend went all-out I’m hosting the longest scenario yesterday. We played this spooky game in darkness with small flashlights, and the monitor was projected on a nearby wall. We used Stonemaier Games Terror Tome resources, of course. Have you ever played a game in a thematic setting?
Azul! And me all crazy-eyed excited that I scored 99 points. This game has really grown on me. Do you have any games that underwhelmed you at first, and then you later realized how much you liked them?
Is it a cat or a gargoyle perched atop my board game table from @boardgametables ? Biddy thinks he’s a little of both.
Terra Mystica! It’s been a while, but I still love this game—it’s staying in my Top 10. What’s your favorite faction to play? I love the Chaos Magicians.
Fantasy Realms! This little filler caught me off guard when I first played it this weekend. How have I not heard of this? It’s amazing! I love combos in games, and this is essentially Combo: The Game. What’s your favorite filler?
Brass! My first play of this classic game. I really like the mutual benefits, how turn order works, and how the game resets midway through. I need to figure out which of those is my favorite mechanism before I film my video today. What do you love about Brass?
Yesterday I tried rolled ice cream for the first time at Snow Factory in St. Louis. Have you ever eaten this?
Darkest Night (second edition)! I played this for the first time yesterday, and I was astounded by the replayability and variability in this box. So many characters with unique decks, tons of blights, and huge stacks cards.
Patchwork! One of my absolute favorite 2-player games. Somehow we both ended with negative scores (mine was the lower of the two). What’s your favorite 2-player only game?
Scotland Yard! I love playing as Mr X in this game, partly because it’s a rare opportunity for me to be mischievous and partly because of the awesome cap I get to wear (it was included in my copy of the game). This game was particularly interesting because I was playing against a real-life detective! I lost. :)
My Little Scythe! We played the inaugural game with my pre-production copy last night. I continue to be delighted by this game, and I’m proud to be publishing it. #stonemaiergames #mylittlescythe
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