Jacob W. Frank (Jake)

Exploring Yellowstone. Hit me up if you want to shoot/hike/beer.

It was an amazing opportunity to stare a wild wolf in the eyes from the safety of my car. 👀🐺 #YellowstonePledge
Went outside to catch the sunset. Elk were sparring. Forgot to take a photo of the sunset. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣 #YellowstonePledge
Last of the wolf shots from last week. Still can't believe that happened. To top it off I got to see Echinus Geyser erupt just a few days before it went dormant again. #YellowstonePledge
What else do I love about winter? Fresh snow in the Canyon. Looks like powdered sugar on fresh baked blondies. 😍 #YellowstonePledge
Winter is closing in and that means it's time for one of my favorite things...frosty bison! I am pretty sure this is one of the biggest bulls I have ever seen. He barely had any horns left, just little nubbins. Not sure why that is, but I'm guessing this dude has seen some 💩 in his life. #YellowstonePledge
Buck getting his swagger on near the north entrance. 😎 #YellowstonePledge
Sunrise through the fog and trees. 🌞☁️🌲#YellowstonePledge
I was driving through an early morning inversion and saw this fella in the distance. At -16°F, this was the first day that it felt winter had arrived. #YellowstonePledge
Familiar places look so different this time of year. 🌨☃️❄️ #YellowstonePledge
It's always cool to see any wild animal in the road, but when it's a wolf it gets me like 🤗😍. #YellowstonePledge
Another favorite from yesterday's sighting. 🐺 #YellowstonePledge
Still reeling from an amazing day in the park. Not sure about you, but I'm ready for winter. 🐺#YellowstonePledge
It's beginning to look a lot like winter. 😍 #YellowstonePledge
I always get stoked on a good bird photo 🐦📷. For some reason every time I try to take their photo they fly away. #YellowstonePledge #WesternGrebe
Ooo weee look at those curves. 😘 #YellowstonePledge
Fog and rain all day today. I'm ready for some real snow. 🍻 #YellowstonePledge
Snowy ⛄️ day today got me wanting to soak in some hot springs. Not boiling ones like these 😳, but you get the idea. #YellowstonePledge
Do you have a spirit animal? I waffle between the pika and bison. 😍 #YellowstonePledge
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