Jacobs Creek Wine

Welcome to Jacob’s Creek. Made to be enjoyed responsibly.

Cheers to Chris Hemsworth for blessing this year's Double Barrel vintage! We enjoyed having him so much, we named an entire block after him.
Give your afternoon a makeover with a hint of blush. Chin chin to @stylestructure and @huntinglouise for the pics!
Double Barrel. Two who share one soul.
Love is in the vines.. ❤️🌹 @chrishemsworth and @elsapatakyconfidential sampling some of the 2018 Double Barrel grapes before they’re harvested, pressed and finished in aged whisky barrels. #doublebarrel #jacobscreek #seeaustralia @australia #valentines #valentinesday
We all knew @chrishemsworth was handy with a hammer and here he is crafting his own unique wine barrel – the 2018 vintage of #doublebarrel starts here before being finished in aged whisky barrels. 🍷#jacobscreek #doublebarrel #seeaustralia @australia
Blessed by the ‘God of Thunder’⚡️ @chrishemsworth. Once these 🍇 have been picked and oaked, they’ll be finished in aged whisky barrels to make the 2018 Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Shiraz. Cheers to a great vintage Chris 🍷@australia #jacobscreek #doublebarrel #thor #chrishemsworth #seeaustralia #australia
Strength, stamina, and the passion of soul. Taste the story of Double Barrel in every glass.
We're tickled pink about this summer bbq pairing.
Best enjoyed when chilly, with chilli.
Ring in the New Year with a bit of sparkle. And no, we don't mean your outfit.
Wine that's seen a second barrel. Perfect for food served a second time.
Christmas is almost here, spread some cheer. Or wine. We hear our Reserve Shiraz pairs perfectly with dinner parties.
This whiskey barrel will travel over 16,000km. And then its real journey will begin.
Why wait for a cyclist to deliver your pizza, when you could make it with your friends instead? Accompanied with a glass of Merlot, of course.
The barrel room where it all began, and the beautiful barrels that started it. Experience the journey of Double Barrel
Do you know what it means when the buds start blooming in our vineyards? We're one step closer to wine season. Yes, we get a little excited too.
The grapes may come from Australia, but the journey didn't start there. See how far our barrels traveled to make Jacob's Creek Double Barrel.
The best thing about fall? When the trees change colours, so do our wine recommendations.
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