Joe Balian

Believer | 406 | Really bad at writing bios

NCFCA Nats was a blast! Our debate success was limited, but I made a ton of new friends and learned a bunch!
Pop tarts + smoothies + sleepy happy Caleb + Rachel + early morning hike = MCDONALDS AFTER
This lighting made me look pretty ok but didn’t nearly do justice to my sisters... also MY SISTER JUST GOT MARRIED!!!
Little Cub, you bring me so many smiles. Photo cred to @lydiabalian in the form of her selfie stick. #classycub
If I wanted to quote basic white girls, I would say “low quality photo, high quality people” but I’m not like that so I’ll refrain
@bridger_creek_golf_course almost ready to play!
When you haven’t posted to ig in a while so you grab a random pic from your camera roll...
@l.l.uke we looking goooood
Speech and debate with this all blue boy band...
Dear Snow, I love you. Thanks for coming back. -Joe