Isla Fisher

small ginger ninja

To everyone in the restaurant staring at me; I do have a friend coming. I hope..... unless of course I have the day wrong, oops. 🤫
Ever since I heard that Poles were “completely uninvolved” in the Holocaust, I decided to ski without them. #presidentMateuszMorawiecki
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone ❤️🌷🌹🌺
Ginger and proud....🧡 #rockinglastnightsmakeupallday
Happy birthday to my fellow Aquarian and the sweetest landlady we ever had. We love you ❤️💙
How the f*ck did that fame-hungry poodle manage to photobomb me twice in one photo?
It’s my birthday and it’s a miracle that I’m still alive given my risky lifestyle of lattes, school runs and turmeric shots. #gratitude
So proud to support Bruna Papandrea tonight #aussiesinfilm #g ’dayUSAGala
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