Keiji Ishida

Fine Ass (Art) Link to my art portfolio below:

Next Assignment... Everyday Comic (February 18, 2018).
Music session🎼⛱ Everyday Comic. (February 17, 2018).
Thank you @youngarts for the cover:) Title: Are We Dancing or Are We Killing, Acrylic on Canvas 2016-17.
Dog Year!🐶 Everyday Comic. (February 16, 2018).
Thanks @lilitodd much love:) Everyday Comic. (February 15, 2018).
I just forgot to post this yesterday, i didn't do this today:) Everyday Comic. (February 14, 2018).
Happy Valentine's Day! @lilitodd I wish we could go back to the Angel Olsen Concert in LA❤️
Chilly sauce❄️Everyday Comic. (February 13, 2018).
Missing my comfort zone. Everyday Comic. (February 12, 2018).
Congratulation @lilitodd for your first ever personal exhibition at the @webbgallery in Texas!!!! Have a wonderful show✨✨✨
You can't buy but you can read my comic at @vega_skateshop
Thank you for those who bought my comics!!! I
I'm so sorry I didn't post a comic about yesterday. I hope this comic will tell you why I couldn't do it. (February 10-11, 2018).
No charges, it's free.
Portrait!!!!! @frederiklund
Please let me know if you found it✨✨✨ Everyday Comic. (February 9, 2018).
Amazing artists:) much love @wearenotsales
No more! Everyday Comic. (February 8, 2018).
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