Idan Refaeli

My Hubs 📷: - @Big_Shotz_Travel - F/A 🌐 - @Big_Shotz & @Big_Shotz_BW - Mod. - @All_Israel - Mod. 🔹19 YO, Israel. 📱 Using iPhone.

Love the life you live
Winter Is Here 🌦
L O N L E Y 🌥 - Check out our new hub: @big_shotz_dreams
It was a rainy day in Bucharest.. ☔️
Just to say HELLO ❤️ - שנה טובה וחג שמח 🍯 - Happy national new year!
J U M P I N G 😎 - מאחל לכולם שנה טובה ומלאה בהצלחות 🍎
Typical Summer ☀️
Golden Trophy 🏆
Bucharest was amazing, one of the best weeks I had with friends that are more than family ❤️
We've spent hours by hours for making this vision come true. After a lot of effort, me and the one and only @yuval_elias are happy to introduce the "Smoke of Mystery" 🎩. I decided to make a video, but you can view the still image in his profile. - Character: Me @idan_refaeli Animation Made By: @plotagraphpro Effects By: Adobe After Effects 🔮 Music: Disciples - They Don't Know 🎶 - Be sure to leave a comment down below 🔥
Last one from this set.. @nivnetanel Made with @plotagraphpro
Master Of The Sea 🌅
Another one bites the dust.. 🐾
Don't lose your head 🎩 Different kind of minimalism
Life in C🔅LOR - Using iPhone only..
Madness at 6 AM 🔥 #saronapic Turn it upside down to see the magic 💫
Mother nature sends a bless 👌
Addiction to Sunrise ☀️ Wishing a creative new week 💙 - Check out our hub: @big_shotz_travel 🔥
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