One life to live and a million+1 memories to make and pictures to take. #pointaimclick 📷

🤔 *shakes head*
Is it #handjiving 🕺🏻💃🕺🏻 or is it just #attitude ? #dontcomeatmebro #ducktales #ducksofinstagram
#america ❤️🇺🇸 As my friend, @christifer1 use to say to me long ago, “ let’s share a walk and a talk and a come and a smoke and a smile” Only, let’s leave out that yucky smoking businesses now. 😷✋🏼🛑 This is #myamerica - Love it or get the hell out of it.
At first there were six and then there were none, so I ordered another and then another and maybe another one @meriwethercider #tooeasytodrink #onemoreplease #ciderflight
Every time Ive ever heard a news reporter talking about “according to a recent poll blah blah blah”, I always wondered what exactly are these polls that they’re taking about and just who exactly is taking them. Welp, today the Gallup poll arrived in my mail box with an entire dollar as a token of their appreciation. #pennyforyourthoughts ?? I gotta tell ya, it was kind of a let down when I read and checked the boxes. I think I’d had higher expectations for the questions they might have asked on these polls 🤷🏻‍♀️ I sent the completed poll and their dollar back- I figure whoever’s gonna have the life sucked out of them from excruciating boredom while reading all the responses might want to go buy a cup of coffee or a snickers bar. 🤦🏻‍♀️☕️ 🍫 #galluppoll #keepyourmoney
Dog vs Sprinkler; Dog won, sprinkler broken. 🤷🏻‍♀️I wish my kids were so easily amused during summer break. #dogdaysofsummer #🐶💦
#luckyduck Lucy and Phil.
When you’re just too tired to make it all the way onto your bed. (yep it’s a cot- they’re indoor camping all summer long while we redo the room). #lightsout #sotired #canteven
* A car window cracked an inch in the heat isn’t nearly enough. On a 70 degree day, temps inside a car can hit 116 in an hour. *Have water on hand for your dog and for other dogs you might come across. There’s many neglectful dog owners out there and many hit and thirsty dogs💦 Don’t leave your dog outside all day during the heat just because it’s a dog (it’s mean, cruel and negligent) and for the love of God, protect those paws 🐾
Bliss🖤💛 #motheroftheyear 🥇🏆
All my girl ever asks for is Dutch Bros and ducks. She’s had her Dutch Bros and now, she has her ducks, Lucy and Phil. Eh, why not?🤷🏻‍♀️#ducks #quackquackquack
When there isn’t a single pen to be found, but the message of God is so good, like water pouring down on parched land 💦 you grab a Sharpie and some cardboard and take notes! #foodforsoul #kellieelane @kellieelane
Finally got out there and played with my camera. These flowers here were intended to be for my daughters wedding day, unfortunately life took a hard turn and they went their separate ways, but the flowers were delivered anyways...so whaddayado?? You make beauty out of ashes, smile, smell the roses and be grateful that sometimes life doesn’t go the way you had hoped.😉💕💐🌼🌹#canon80d #beautyfromashes #myblueeyedbeauty @haydenelizabethfowler #sheshines
What a fun day celebrating the upcoming arrival of our grandson, Elijeah. @adam_fowler110 special gift was a Daddy Doodie💩 hazmat suit, complete with face mask, rubber gloves, Lysol, clothes pins and nipples😂 Mackayla is just as pretty and beautiful as ever, glowing as she should be. 💙💙
All excited to show me what he learned in #VBS but when your Mamas Bible doesn’t have pictures in it like yours does, it gets complicated. Chapter 30 vs 19, that’s all he knows- not sure which book 🤔😂We’re going on a scripture hunt. #vbsshipwrecked
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