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Happy birthday to my youngest son WYNTON ...... one of my great joys ......
In celebration of this icon, remember we all have the power to transform the world. #mandela100
Live and do you #worldemojiday
Couple of old friends..... WANNEE DO IT! 😂😎 @christucker
Fear causes people never to begin their journey. Don’t miss Brain Drops, Mondays on steveharvey.com or subscribe to youtube.com/steveharvey. #BrainDrops
What a gift to get some rest... if you wondering .....I ain’t doing nothing
My girl inside at a shop so They have a nice garden outside so I’m just waiting...lol...but I’m loving it though .... cause I ain’t working
No movement today.
Happy Bastille Day July 14th from the Harvey’s 🇫🇷 📷: @marjorie_harvey
Get inspired by Brain Drops! They’re mental jewels that I’ve developed over the years that helped me get where I am today. First one drops Monday. #BrainDrops
My grandson BJ doesn’t know it yet but this showing off for girls will never stop😂but gohead player!!!!😍😍 Fellas don’t this look like what your insides is doing when you meet a girl?
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