Roberto Brandi

Water reflections #top_world_shot πŸ“· by @mary__blanch
Hanging on a cloud #ig_myshots πŸ“· by @nihthu
Perfect reflection πŸ“· by @aldo.lai
Thanks God it’s friday #wildlifeonearth
Where does the plastic go? @pet.awesome πŸ“· by @ryleegirl_britishlab
Sometimes octopus needs a drink πŸΈπŸ“· by @mturan
Skateboarding πŸ“· by @davidwallaceshoots
Freedom πŸ“· by @mturan
Sunset through a wave πŸ“· by @sammy_garcia
Don’t lie to me #gallery_legit πŸ“· by @u.bagheri
Lion & Lioness #gallery_legit πŸ“· by @davidyarrow
Zebra mood πŸ“· by @davidyarrow
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