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The craziest thing just happened. . I was going to say f it today. . I was going to skip my #30forthekids in the stairs today. . I was hungry, I wanted to hang out with my classmates and eat some lunch. . That was my plan. . Until i got to the ground floor. . I turned back around and got back in the elevator to get my gym clothes. . On the way up, I open my phone. I see @1stphorm tagged me in this video. . It was art directly imitating life at that exact moment, so much so I was in shock. . Holy crap.... . This video and these words couldn't ring more true for me or the other people in this video. . I have days I don't want to do it. . I do it anyway. . We do it anyway. . And that makes all the difference. . Discipline > Motivation 🎙 @andyfrisella @huge_fat_loser @jeffmfroth @mel_health_mind_body_spirit @jeremiahpetersonmontana @demclaug . #iam1stPhorm #weare1stphorm #keepgoing #trusttheprocess #wedothework #dowork #weightlossstory #weightlossjourney #getfitordietrying #changeyourlife #beyourself #makeadifference
The cops could have probably killed my grandmother and didn't. . When I was a kid my grandparents retired to a small town in Alabama called Lillian. . Through alcohol abuse and genetics both of my grandparents developed early Alzheimer's and grandfather passed, my grandmother lived alone. . We went to visit and things seemed strange. She had expired food, she thought the microwave was broken but it was unplugged, she would nap and wake up and think it was the morning.....but we were in denial. . She was fine, she was too young for this. We couldn't take her away from her home. . Then almost a year later it happened. She drove, without a license, and caused a multiple car accident. . She sped away. . She led the police on a pursuit causing more accidents and eventually made it to her driveway where she jumped out and tried to get into the house, telling the cops they couldn't do anything because she didn't have a license. . We moved her home. . For the last 4 days we did training on Crisis Intervention. Dealing with these types of incidents and dealing with people with mental illness and disabilities, trauma, ptsd etc. . Some of the actors are pictured above. (Who were amazing by the way) . It was probably the best training I have had on this job and should be taken seriously. . Maybe it's because I think of my grandma, or my autistic cousin or maybe I know that my dad will one day have Alzheimer's and then eventually me. . But I think that these people and people going through a crisis(which can be anyone btw), along with children, are our most fragile and vulnerable citizens. . We're all people, and sometimes we need that reminder. . #cittraining #nypd #thinblueline #police #bemore #beyourself #helppeople #beagoodperson #weareallpeople #thankful #grateful
Social media is show and tell, and the truth is if you HATE it, there's a chance it's because you don't have anything to show or tell, and you can quote me on that. 🤷‍♂️ . This picture was taken in February of 2017. . I never really picked up a bodybuilding magazine, so if it wasn't for social media I would have never ever seen or heard of this place. . I saw it on social media, said, damn I have to check it out. . Fast forward I became a member, fast forward and I will soon be renewing my membership. . I have met some people I consider friends now, who have helped me on this journey, who inspire me every day and one of the warmest "cheers" like atmosphere's that no 10 dollar a month gym could ever offer. . Everything that has lead me to this point, right here, right now, is because of Social Media. . Every person I have helped has happened because of Social Media. . My media. . My inspirations.... social media. . New media. . Social Media like ANYTHING else, is what you make it and what you use it for. . It's certainly without a doubt made my life about yours? . Keep showing, keep telling, the world is a better place because of it. . Trust me. . #socialmedia #truestory #throwbackthursday #tbt #weightlossstory #weightlossjourney #iam1stphorm #trusttheprocess #keepgrinding #beyourself #bereal
I woke up on Sunday and weighed 296 pounds. . In 5 days I lost 15 pounds, not only that but I'm at a new low . I'll tell you. . The scale is bullsh*t. . It means very little in this game. . And if you let these numbers control you, they will in fact destroy you. . They can devastate you, they will make you want to quit. . The scale is a guide, but it's not everything. . It's not the scale, it's how you look, how you feel. . Don't get lost in the numbers, trust the process. . Down 144 pounds and counting. . #weightlossstory #weightlossjourney #fthescale #waterweight #trusttheprocess #iam1stphorm #thinblueline #fitcops #workyourassoff #keepmovingforward
Don't just do it for the gram. Do it for real.
If you don't like the way a story, any story is being told. . If you don't like a narrative. . Tell your side of it. . Actually, scratch that, show your side of it. . Speak up, say something, do something, show people. . Or forever hold your peace. . Because complaining, only does one thing. . Makes you look like a crybaby. . So tell your side, or go cry in the corner. . 📷by @ken_el21 . #tellyourside #eastcoastmecca #iam1stphorm #fat2fit #backday #backworkout #workyourassoff #dothework #weightlossstory #weightlossjourney #changeyourlife #dosomething
You see this on the right? . I NEVER looked like this. . This isn't some Instagram transformation. . You know the ones where a person who is in amazing shape puts on 50 pounds sticks their guts out, loses it and asks for your applause. . Biceps? Triceps? Delts? Wtf is that? I didn't know what they looked like on my body because I never had them...EVER. . I never even laid on a bench press until 2 years ago. . Why do I bring this up? . Because this could be you. . I WANT this to be you. . The only thing stopping you is the excuses you are making telling yourself that you can't. . You CAN. . You WILL. . #transformationtuesday #weightlossstory #weightlossjourney #fat2fit #fitnessjourney #fitcops #thinblueline #fitcops #transphormation #getfitordietrying #fitnessmotivation #transformation
7 years since I took this crazy dog home. . They say that that people are put in your life for a reason, same could be said of animals. . Found this guy wandering around in a Walgreens in Hollis Queens in my 113 days beat up, diseased, used as a bait dog, now they guy turns his nose up at Blue Buffalo dog food. . Since today is the day we found him, today is the day we celebrate his birthday. . Happy Birthday Hollis. . #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbull #animalrescue #thinblueline #backintheday #petsofinstagram #petstagram #rescuedog #rescuedogsofinstagram #iam1stphorm #coplife #toohighspeed
Remember, there are two ways to build the tallest building. . You can be the jerk that destroys the entire city so that your building is the tallest, or. . You can build it from the ground up. . I'll bring the bricks, you bring the cement. . #gymmotivation #mondaymotivation #motivationmonday #building #letsgo #teamwork #fat2fit #iam1stphorm #offdutyoutfitters #weightlossstory #eastcoastmecca #weightlossjourney
I wish I could always say I'm killing it. . I'm not. . The last week and a half my diet has been.....crap. . Stuck with it for the most part, been working out the same, more even now that #30forthekids is going down. . But I've had way too many cheats and binges this week and a half than I would have liked. . I keep it real so I'm keeping it real. The scale read 296 today. . Did I really gain 14 pounds of fat? No of course not, but that number still hurts. . So I have two choices. . Cry about it, or change it. . What do you think I'm gonna do? . 📷 by @davidmullis . #honest #badweek #weightlossjourney #keepgoing #weightlossstory #fat2fit #waterweight #keepgrinding #keepmovingforward #trusttheprocess
I don't run, but steal my Royal XXI and I will chase you down little girl....I WILL CHASE YOU DOWN! . 😂😂😂 . Photo by @vinvalentino . #runningsucks #iwillchaseyou #iam1stphorm #weightlossstory #weightlossjourney #fat2fit #losingweight #1stphorm #transphormation #cardio
I don't want you to follow me. . I want you to hear me . See me. . Talk with me. . Learn with me. . Ride with me. . Stand next to me. . And then conquer with me. . Are you in are are you out? . Let's go. . #teamhustle #kickyourownass #iam1stphorm #reebok #fat2fit #teamwork #getfitordietrying #wintogether #squad #weightlossjourney
So i was in line for tacos when they tapped me on the shoulder. . They asked me "what teams are playing today?" . I told them the Mets and the Nationals. . They told me it was their first time in America by way of India. . So i welcomed them to the country. . They said someone told them that they must see an American Baseball Game so they got in a cab and came not knowing anything about baseball. . So I took all their questions. . Then we ate tacos. . I told them to Enjoy America, Enjoy New York . Tell your friends. . #meetpeople #justbenice #tourists #welcometoamerica #america #welcome #sayhi #mets #nymets #iam1stphorm #queensny #newyorkcity
Sometimes we get out of the house. . Still the one. . Still a Mets Fan. . #letsgomets #datenight #nymets #instamets #queensny #newyorkcity #dreamwife #shesthebest #iam1stphorm
Just like I used to pretend I was fat and happy, i used to pretend I never wanted kids. . Hell yeah I wanted kids. . I wanted a family. . But who would ever marry me? I thought was worthless. . Instead of improving, I Better throw up that wall. . Here's to my wife who climbed that and jumped over and my kids that drive me every day to tear that wall down piece by piece. . Just pulled into the gym, let's go. . #throwbackthursday #throwback #tbt #mywhy #gymmotivation #weightlossstory #weightlossjourney #fat2fit #healthylifestyle #dadlife #gethealthy #getbetter
What would you say if you got to talk to @therock ? Well, let me tell you what I said. . @bevsgym was quiet on Sunday and I was sitting on the chest press machine which was near the back door when I looked up. . There stood the most recognizable silhouette next to Michael Jordan's Jumpman. . Could it really be him? . Could @therock really be at my gym right here, right now? . It was. . They asked me where the bathroom was, so I jumped up and showed him, and as I turned to walk away, I locked eyes with him. . I always thought about what I would do in this situation, so I stuck out my hand, he stuck out his and we shook hands. . I said, "I just want to say thank you for the thing you sent me." . Now, he slowly removed one of the sides of his headphones and gave me that one eyebrow raise, "what did I send you?" He said. . I replied, "i lost 143 pounds and you signed a photo and sent it to me..." . Before I could finish, there was a smile, he said, "Oh yeah that's right! XXX told me about you, that's great!" He said. . I said, "I just want to thank you, you didn't have to do that, and thank you for doing everything you do" we smiled. . Then I finished my workout, he finished his. . And as he was leaving the gym, he patted @danny_dubzz on the shoulder and he turned back and pointed to me and said, "hey, keep up the great work" and he left. . I didn't get a photo, the truth is I didn't need one. People get so caught up in the can i get a photo, can i get an autograph, here's my screenplay, here's my movie pitch. . I didn't want anything from him. . I wanted to say thank you, and I did. . And no one could be more deserving. . So once again, thank you. . #whoslifeisthis #truestory #morningmotivation #thankyou #grateful #therock #fat2fit #gymmotivation #workoutmotivation #humbled #eastcoastmecca
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