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With the exception of the messages I get that wish me harm, (both civilian and LEO by the way) most of the messages start out like this: . "Hey I hate to bother you but,,," . "I know you're busy but,," . A) You are NEVER bothering me. . B) I will always get back to you. . The reason I bring this up today is because I know how hard this can be. . I have been reading the papers. . I know what it's like. . I am here to help. . I don't post these messages all the time, but they are everything. . I have helped people get into and out of their respected academies. I have helped people fit in their uniforms and clothes better. I have helped people feel better about their lives. . Because I want to. . So to those who have sent these messages, thank you. . And for those waiting to change, I'm here. . #mondaymotivation #goodmorning #mondaymorning #nypd #police #thinblueline #iam1stphorm #thankyou #fat2fit #fitcops #getfit #fitnessjourney #weightlossjourney
Hey @nypost how's it going. . If you want to know about this topic come find me, or @nodonutshere or @thefitguy_ . They live a life of fitness because they know how much of a priority it is for their life and in this profession. . Me? I was one of those guys you mention. I was over 425 pounds and I LET the job HELP ME get fat. It was my choice to do nothing and let my body go to sh*t. . Plenty of guys on this job put their health and fitness first because it means something to them. . The ones that don't, like i used to, use the job as one of the many excuses they have for not doing it. . I came up with every excuse and every crutch I could come up with to be fat. The job was my biggest crutch. . It was easy to blame the job, but you know what the truth is? . It was me. . It was me all along. . And I turned it around....and anyone can do the same thing. . #nypd #thinblueline #fitcops #policefitness #fat2fit #newyork #truestory #selfreflection #facts #iam1stphorm #1stphorm
Happy Birthday to Grandma (My Mom). . Ok ok i had a tiny piece of cake...back off me lol. . #happybirthday #family #familyday #sundayvibes #birthday #mom #grandma #grandparent #enjoylife
This video was made 2 YEARS AGO! It was made actually making fun of the gym! . I had started doing cardio and riding my bike to work but I didn't even start lifting yet. . I made this video to make fun of the "shitty" gym we had. . You know, the gym that changed my f*cking life! . You know the gym that's getting its own mail now. . Like I always say to people if I can change my mindset, then so can you! . Your brain is the only thing standing in your way. . And damn my video production has gotten better lol. . #sundayvibes #throwbacksunday #imadethatup #gymlife #changeyourlife #iam1stphorm #embarassing #weightlossjourney #weightlossbeforeandafter #funny
This commercial was intended to be our commercial in the Big Game (you know the one). We weren't denied or rejected by anyone, it was our own decision to not run it. In the end we just couldn't take the big money risk. This commercial shows what we stand for. We support our military. We support the police. We support everyone's right to protest. Protest peacefully. In this commercial you see the story of one man's journey of service. From watching 9/11 unfold on TV to his time in the military and now serving again as a police officer. He has served his country and has held the line. He is doing so here. First protecting protesters and protecting their right to assemble, and when things turn violent, he and his fellow police officers do not run, they defend the line. Not backing down. Not running. Not afraid. We support all those who stand the line wherever it is. We are Grunt Style and this we'll defend. #gruntstyle Repost from @gruntstyle . #thinblueline #fitcops #police #holdtheline #iam1stphorm #backtheblue #america
Never be outworked. . Never give up. . Never settle. . And surround yourself with people who push each other forward. . @fitcops . #fitcops #nypd #saturdaynight #shoulderday #iam1stphorm #thinblueline #police #weightlossjourney #fat2fit #fitnessjourney
When your friends get you, they get you. ☺️☺️☺️. . Can't wait for Hawaiian shirt weather again! . #summerscoming #hawaiianshirts #hawaiian #hawaiianshirt #summer #ilovesummer #sunshine #truestory #iam1stphorm
Just because I talk about peace and unity and understanding doesn't mean that I'm not ready for Hell if it comes. . The difference is I'm old enough to have seen what it really looks like. . Not imagining what it could be. . Counting my blessings every day I'm alive, spreading a message that won't end bloodshed, hate or violence, but maybe will find an ear or two and change a mind or two which will save a life or two. . I've seen what evil is capable of. . And I've seen what good is capable of too. . They're both just as powerful. . So I spread what good I can. . And when Evil comes, I'm ready for that too. . #goodvsevil #seethegood #beready #realworldtactical #thinblueline #fitcops #backtheblue #nypd #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #thisisagoodangle
(PLEASE READ) Bennett's Body Shop where I check in most every day, isn't a "real" gym. . It's a garage in my command where me and some other people put in work. . With some rusted weights, water dripping from the ceiling, dirt, grime, a half working stereo, and some machines that have definitely seen better days. . I get to work today and someone says, "Hey, there's mail for Bennett's Body Shop" I say....ok. . I open it. . It's flyers for a bodybuilding show two states away. . I was literally in shock. . Someone out there in social media land, saw a fat cop breaking his ass every f*cking day in a dirty run down garage and said, "damn, now that's a real f*cking gym....let me invite these guys down". . Let that sink in the next time you think that this social media thing is bullsh*t. . Keep working, people see you. . #iseeyou #thankyou #bodybuilding #gymlife #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #truestory #nypd #liftweights #trainhard
(Swipe Left) So @chris_puck_33 asked where the dog lovers were at, here's my dog for the day The Pit Shark. . Time to burn up those legs and make them sore AF. . #doglover #pitshark #eastcoastmecca #bevfrancis #everydayislegday #alwaysglutes #buttmodel #bootygains #bootygains 🍑 #ionlyworkglutes #iswearmybuttisreal
Losing fat is hard, but you know what's harder? . Losing fat and building or maintaining muscle at the same time. . Some have said "that's impossible" even...bullsh*t. . I've been on a calorie deficit, cheat meals excluded, for 2 years, look at my results. . At the end of the day for me it has come down to what you eat, high volume workouts and proper supplementation. . I live on @1stphorm BCAA. I take it before cardio and I sip it during my high volume workouts. . I just ordered up 2 more because like I said I live off of it and it's worth every penny to have amino acids and electrolytes pumping through my system at all times. . The blue raspberry to me tastes like cotton candy and the lemonade is bangin' and I have had other amino acids from other companies that seriously taste like a foot, yeah gross I know. . If you have ANY questions about diet, training, supplementation always always DM me or reach out. . To grab some of the supplements i use to get my results and the most elite of elite customer service, free shipping, and 110% money back guarantee the link is in my bio. Train hard. . #bcaa #1stphorm #iam1stphorm #armday #gymtime #weightloss #fatloss #fitnessjourney #fat2fit
Looking at negativity like: . There's negatives and positives to everything. . At the end of the day it's a lot less about what it is. . And a lot more about how you react to it. . @fitcops . #fitcops #nypd #thinblueline #coplife #positivevibes #noroomfornegativity #bereal
Very few things on this earth are Black and White. . In fact there are very few absolute truths that exist in the world. . The rest is in this right here, the gray. . This is where I've learned the most about life. . Where I've made the most mistakes and caused the most damage is in the black and white, and especially as a cop it's easy to get stuck here. . The gray is where I live. . Unfortunately, especially these days it seems, people don't want to live here with me. . This is the unpopular place to live. . You either have a strong opinion about something or else. . It's my way or the highway. . You don't know everything, no one does, in fact we all know very little. Things we have thought were absolute truths years ago are now being disproven and things we thought to be bullsh*t are actually true. . The planet is ever changing and evolving. . Also like i always say, Perspective changes everything. . What is black for you, might be white for someone else, it doesn't mean that someone is wrong. You can actually both be right. . You can actually both be wrong. . How many times have we thought or said or done something we were told by someone else was "impossible"? . How many times have you heard someone generalize something and you think, "they just don't understand where I'm coming from" . It happens all the time. . So in closing, shut your mouth, stop typing, take a deep breath, put yourself in someone else's shoes, see the world from every side. . It's the only way to create and be the change you want to see. . #thegray #thegrey #gray #bethechange #changetheworld #blackandwhite #politics #human #beagoodperson #understanding #perspective
My two Valentines for life. . My #wcw 's every Wednesday forever. . These ladies right here hold this mess of a man together every day. . I love the both of you more than words could ever say. . #valentinesday #happyvalentinesday #mygirls #family
(PLEASE READ) link to article in my bio. OK, so like I have always said, you can check me, and I'm sure some of you have. And i don't say this often, but Resumé is on point. . I have lived every side of this career in my thus far 11 plus years, from court side to court room: . I've lived that life THAT life. But I'll take you're 360 and raise you 425 plus. . Here's the truth. . The job will do all of the things listed in this article, but only IF YOU LET IT! . That is the defining factor here. . There is even a quote here "I wanted to be a first grade detective" . Exactly my dude, I know you did, I did too I get it. Chase the bad guy, process arrest, chase the bad guy, process arrest, man I know what that sh*t is like. . I know first hand the feeling of chasing chasing chasing chasing and not thinking about myself because you were chasing that golden carrot. . But, it was a CHOICE I MADE, to not care about my body, my health, my family, my well being, my fitness. . THE WRONG CHOICE!! . Nothing and i mean NOTHING!!! is worth that and I learned the hard way waking up every morning feeling like I was going to die. . No job, no career aspirations, no promises, are worth throwing away your health. . I still see it all the time, friends of mine burnt the f*ck out exhausted pale as a m'fer visibly ill! "But yo man I made 40 hours last month" or "yo man I'm gonna get that grade" . Guys, please for the love of God, I'm telling you IT'S NOT WORTH IT!! . Find a work/life balance. Make your health and your life the priority, because without that, you have nothing. . You think your family gives a sh*t if you get grade or get 40 hours? Or you think they would rather have you around for the next 30 years. . Trust me on this. . I gained a sh*tload of weight on this job, but not because the job made me. . It was because I LET IT. . If ANYONE finds themselves in this position, seriously this is why i started this page! Send me a message! Break the cycle!! Put YOU first. . The job is just a job. . You are all you have. . #nypd #fitcops #breakthecycle #policefitness #thinblueline #imheretohelp #weightloss #losingweight #weightlossjourney #fitnessjourney
I started lifting less than 2 years ago with a 25 on each side. . I'm not a power lifter. . I couldn't tell you my max. . But I will tell you my flat bench today was 235x12 (2 sets) Then 245x10 -1 set Then 255 x 8 (video) for 3 sets. . I don't care where you're getting into this from. . I got into this off of the couch with a bag of chips. . If you want this it's yours. . @_unleashed_fit . #chestday #whooooooo #volume #chestday #letsgo #pushyourself #transformationtuesday #benchpress #goals #cantstopme #iam1stphorm #newyorkcity
THIS IS AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM YOUR INSTAGRAM PRESIDENT: (continued in comments) . Hello everyone and good afternoon out there in social media land. . Since I have been involved in social media I have seen drastic changes in content and how we use it, both bad and good. . Let's keep the good, but make the bad cease to exist. . Let's Make Social Media Great Again. . Stop spreading negativity. This includes the political bullsh*t posts that are designed to make people angry. Before you post that know all you're doing is making other people mad about things they can't change. You are contributing nothing. . Stop arguing and trolling people. If you don't like what someone has to say, click the unfollow button, click the delete button, click the block button. You're doing yourself and everyone else a favor. Trust me. . Stop following worthless people that don't contribute sh*t. If every post is of them showing their ass or selling you something or of a blurry picture of their 5th cheat meal of the week with no worth, stop following them. . Guys, listen if you comment on their pics they aren't going to sleep with you, so stop. There is no sex in the Champagne room. . Girls, not every day is glute's and leg day. I know you don't always work that booty so show us something else. Also if you do show us the booty say "hey, look at my booty gains" not "here's my poem about my cat dying" or "#shoulderday ". Be real, if you like how your butt looks, tell us, don't mask it as something it's not. . That being said, people are allowed to be proud of their bodies and accomplishments, INCLUDING people that are attractive and that are in the gym grinding to get the body they want. This "body positive" movement is supposed to apply to everyone, you don't get to pick and choose. Fit people or people working on their fitness aren't "ruining people's perception of body image". If you don't like you, that's on YOU! . Stop trying to advertise and sell something on every single damned post. Yeah cool I have brands that are a PART of who I am, but they're not the whole thing, and the same goes for you. . #makesocialmediagreatagain #msmga #america #socialmedia #instagram #positivity
I know I should know better but sometimes I can't help it. . I step on the scale for a week or two after back breaking workouts, cardio and eating right and there's no movement. . It is emotionally and mentally crushing sometimes. . I seriously think about quitting. . Why the f*ck am i working so hard when that number isn't moving. . I think about just shutting down and deleting my account and going to hide in a f*cking closet somewhere. . That's why these photos are important. . They make you remember how far you've come, how the number on the scale isn't everything and how you just have to keep pushing forward. . Keep pushing forward no matter what. . #transformationtuesday #struggle #fitcops #weightlossjourney #weightloss #policefitness #fat2fit #iam1stphorm #keepmovingforward
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