Hrithik Roshan

Man on mission - to live the best life possible come what may.

There is a universe inside those eyes. Every proud wrinkle teaches a beautiful tale of love overcoming hurt. Those eyes will shine for you no matter what. And all she a hug. Happy Mother’s Day my warrior mother. #GoHugYourMomtoday
1982. MJ’s #Thriller has just released. That’s an inspired 8 year old me doing nonsense, but to Mom and Dad, I was Jackson that night.
Team work makes the dream work #BTS #worktakesyouplaces #Super30
Just a girl who decided to go for it :) #Repost @suranikashealthykitchen with @get_repost ・・・ Why Suranika’s Healthy Kitchen? Having gone through a weight loss transformation myself, I found it extremely difficult to find healthy food that tasted good - specially since I was an avid junk food eater. This made me experiment and create my own food, due to the lack of availability of healthy food 5 years back. It was either bland and tasteless, or labeled healthy - but full of fat. Taking my passion for baking and cooking forward, I decided to start Suranika’s Healthy Kitchen to share my love of healthy food to people - tried and tested :)
Get out of your own way. #Keepgoing
All in a day's work #comingsoon
Ever so often there are moments when every cell of my body races past the discomfort and anxiety and comes ALIVE to the rhythm of the music when I step on the dance floor. I am fortunate to be surrounded by the energy of these heroes. #iplrehearsals #vivoipl @wizcraft_india
To all our sons and daughters and to the child within us all. Sharing something I wrote (headphones please). Watch the FULL video - on the link in the bio above.
When the grandmother becomes your grandest inspiration - you literally have no excuses! #Repost @pinkieroshan with @get_repost ・・・ My son#my grandsons#my audience#this morning
Arjun! Your courage, determination and perseverance is infectious! Let's give this hero our best as he gets ready for his next expedition to Kangchenjunga. I’m inspired by his passion and dedication and I'm looking forward to hearing more adventurous stories after his return. Arjun Vajpai​ #RiskUthaNaamBana
I don’t know whether to take this as inspiration, motivation or COMPETITION! You make me so proud mom! Love you and thank you for being my mother #Repost @pinkieroshan with @get_repost ・・・ Deadlifts#string #power
Beauty can be found in the most unlikely places, if only you look for them. #theblissofsolitude #stillness :aportrait #Super30 #worktakesyouplaces
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