Tony Medina- Hairstylist

•Hair Sculptor •Los Angeles Based •Personal Contact: HisVintageTouch20@gmail.com •Agent Contact: Alex.Jolicoeur@dlmus.com

🎂28🎂 #🌈 #Mariah #HisVintageTouch
Spent my Valentines Day on one of the baddest glam teams, with the baddest of them all... @IamCardiB ! Styled By @kollincarter Assisted By @v.msmith Makeup By @erika_lapearl_mua Assisted By @makeupbymonize Hair By #HisVintageTouch 👑 #CardiB #MarcJacobs
Happy Valentines Day Y’all! Another amazing shot by @brendanforbes of the gorg @parishilton ! Styled By @sammykstyle Makeup By @priscillaono Hair By #HisVintageTouch 👑
It’s that time of year... ❤️💔❤️ @ParisHilton shot by @BrendanForbes ! Styled By @sammykstyle Makeup By @priscillaono Hair By #HisVintageTouch 👑 Assisted By @LoftJet #ParisHilton
Latina Sweetheart moments like... “Hello Stranger?” The lovely @LalaRomero !💔 Makeup By @CB_Beauty ! 💄 Hair By #HisVintageTouch 👑
And it just keeps happening... 😔 Honestly, middle school was the worst three years of my life. A weird transition between being a little kid, and being surrounded by your peers, while trying to act like an adult. I would get confronted and called names EVERY SINGLE DAY. Every fucking day I was called a Faggot, Fat Faggot, Faggot Bitch, Ugly Faggot, Little Gay Bitch, Sissy Bitch as if I wore a name tag. When I tried to defend myself, I’d get into fights. I’d take the long way to class, to avoid hallways where I knew I would get confronted. I remember my face feeling like it was on fire from embarrassment. When groups or partners were chosen in classes, no one wanted me, kids were embarrassed to be associated with the me, “the gay kid”. I remember them whispering and giggling and hearing the word gay...”isn’t he gay?” I was miserable. WTF ARE YOU TEACHING YOUR KIDS? Honestly? Where is this starting? What this little girl did was horrible. HORRIBLE. But what drove her to this? Something to think about. How could this have been prevented? Another sad day in good ole America. #FuckBullying #StopSchoolShootings #GunControl
And another one... @AndraDayMusic slayed the #Grammys #RedCarpet once again! A woman who appreciates true glamour! Styled By @therealwourivice Nails By @kaitmosh Makeup By @porschefabulous Hair By #HisVintageTouch 👑 #AndraDay #Grammys2018
@AndraDayMusic serving Goddess of Nature vibes... Her voice sent chills over the crowd of the #WomensMarch last weekend. I loved doing this style on her... if y’all only knew how long it took to do each individual curl for this “natural” look! Hahaha 😜 Stay tuned for her Grammys look this weekend... 😉 Styled By @therealwourivice Nails By @kaitmosh Makeup By @porschefabulous Hair By #HisVintageTouch 👑
New @KaliUchis video directed by the talented @NadiaLeeLee ! 😍 All hair done by your boy, assisted by my babygirl @GoldenRoseHair ! Thanks for all the help Rosa... we really put in work for this one! Hair By #HisVintageTouch 👑 Shout out to the entire crew: @anoncontent @stefanvleming @mkoziel @gordon.yould @victoriahtam @thebritttt @andhobbes @mattygadsby @lilly_keys @phlemuns @Annietaggemua @nails_by_yoko @mamaganoosh @g_scruton
Coming tomorrow... Colombian Queen @KaliUchis is dropping her new music video for #AfterTheStorm ! It’s about to be your new fav track! Stay tuned! Tap The Pic for more details...❤️ Hair By #HisVintageTouch 👑 #KaliUchis
Yesterday, i spent the day with with someone I admire! She embodies confidence, uniqueness, beauty and personality... and I can’t thank her enough. Thank you for coming by and sharing this adventure with me #Chunky ! @chunky_butt_funky_ If you haven’t checked her out on her #EatWithChunky or #ChunkyButFunky YouTube channels, do yourself a favor and check her out! You’ll fall in love with her too! I can’t exactly share what I have in the works yet, but let me tell you... It’s something everyone has asked about for years and it’s going to be AMAZING! Thank you to everyone involved! I’m excited to say the least! 😉 Makeup beat by another one of my talented, queer, Latino homies... @Loftjet ! Stay tuned... Hair By #HisVintageTouch 👑
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