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So serious ... or nah •
To the people out there who think that they have to be perfect in order to succeed, that if you’re not the best of the best there’s no point in going on : embrace your fucking failure. if you’re not failing at something, that means you’re not trying hard enough. Failing is part of success : if you’re still not failing, try harder •
These few days was just lit ! Paris was on fire : I saw people drunk as fuck all around the city, kids jumping on people’s car while driving and nobody was giving a damn about it ! We put the city of light upside down - I swear : it was a great time to be French ! « On est Champion du Monde, putain ! Elle est à la maison ! Dans une semaine tout va se calmer et la politique and shit vont revenir dans les News : mais bordel que je t’aime France🇫🇷 » •
Lost yourself in the city •
Set goals - Stay quiet about them : Smash the shit out of them and clap for your damn self - 📷 : @antoine_sanna
Posting this picture right now ‘cause tonight I’ll be too damn drunk to do shit out here ! Let’s cheers for France guys 🇫🇷🇫🇷•
Once again, chilling in Paris w/ @antoine_sanna , taking pictures of my brand new collaboration w/ @blundstonefrance ! Shoutout to Audrey who made this possible and i freaking love these boots. They became one of my essentiel for this summer •
What we all need right now ! •
GUYS ! Here’s my collaboration with my fucking good friend : @antoine_sanna on the wonderful brand : @le_amonie - For once, I didn’t do shit on these upcoming pictures. I only had to make love to the camera and that was pretty it. Be sure to let me know your thoughts on that pic and make sure to check them out ! •
“Bom Apetite” •
What about that shot ? •
If you’re in Porto and you’re searching for a fancy place to eat : Here it is, you’re welcome ! Okay, be sure to not eat the fucking bread ‘cause they’ll charge you 3€ (and from a Parisian guy who’s use to eat bread, it’s kinda “GNEH”) - but the experience and the meat was SO GOOD ! Let me know your thoughts if you did get to go there ! •
Y’all already know how much I love wearing something on my head ALL THE TIME ! Lucky for me : I had the chance to collaborate with @le_amonie ! A one man operation run entirely by the great Martin - he only do limited editions, with sustainable and durable qualities. No joke, I love his work guys •
I have to post that kinda shit to prove that my ass was, for real, in Porto .. right ? •
I was craving for something to eat while looking at that picture ... Remembering the taste of that fucking fine 2€ pork sandwich ... 2 mofo euros ! That’s cray ! •
That beautiful Porto : I’ll be back for sure (just for the foods) •
I don’t trust people who talk crap about somebody then hang out with them the next day. There’re people who hates confrontation but loves talking behind people’s backs - talking about back (hein?) : look at that @elvineclothing pants though ! •
Have a lovely weekend guys ! •
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