Henry Cavill

Well done to our Tokyo winners last night! They crushed our trivia quiz like veritable agents extraordinaire! And a particular thank you to all of the fans and press attending last night for enduring the considerable warmth! It was indeed a cozy one. #MissionImpossible #Tokyo #Japan #RedHot @MissionImpossible
Hey Japan! I'm back!! (Mr. Simon Pegg is back too!) I truly have a special place in my heart for this country, its rich history, traditions and long legacies have always drawn my interest. It is a true pleasure to be back here. Tonight's red carpet event is just hours away and if you can't make it, worry not! We've got you covered. You can watch the premiere live on Twitter! For those who are attending we'll be running a little competition on the legacies of our own! Testing your knowledge on Ethan Hunt and the Mission: Impossible franchise. So, see you there and good luck! #MissionImpossible #Japan #Tokyo @MissionImpossible
A huge congratulations to the competition winners last night!! You both looked amazing and I give special bonus points for an excellent choice of moustache sir! And a big thank you to the crowd for helping make the winning decision. Teamwork gets the job done! #MissionImpossible #Seoul #Korea @MissionImpossible
My first morning ever in Korea! As you can see here, I am showing my August Walker spirit with this lovely gift that I received yesterday when I landed! Now it's your turn.....come to the Lotte Cinema in the Lotte World Mall at 5pm and bring your August Walker spirit (Big Moustaches always look good.....just saying). Paris and London did very well! Can you beat them? #MissionImpossible #Korea #ThanksForTheGift @MissionImpossible
A couple of words about this legend. He is a quality gentleman and a good leader, always at the front and always there for you if you need him. He may have brought us both within a couple of metres of fiery death a number of times, but it was all for you guys ;). I consider myself very fortunate to count him as a friend and would fly with him again, any day! @TomCruise @MissionImpossible #MissionImpossible
This actually happened on Wednesday! Sorry for the delay my journalistic friends. #MissionImpossible @MissionImpossible
Paris, you were the most gracious of hosts! Thank you for having us so we could celebrate our World Premiere of Mission: Impossible - Fallout. Your energy, your excitement, your people and of course, your scenery made the event a truly special one. Thank you. #MissionImpossible @MissionImpossible
Mission: Paris accomplished! All thanks to this wonderful duo. The job of the IMF is never finished, however. To all my UK agents....Your mission, should you chose to accept, it is to bring your best Mission: Impossible and August Walker spirit to the London BFI IMAX Waterloo at 3pm for a chance to join us on the red carpet and get your hands on some tickets. Good luck! Oh and I wouldn't mind getting my moustache released from the Parisian agents custody either. @MissionImpossible #MissionImpossible
Just a reminder to aspiring agents out there. The mission is still live! Get to the Trocadero and bring the Mission: Impossible spirit with you. The best agent will be selected from the crowd and given tickets to the Mission: Impossible Fallout world premiere which is in Paris tonight! Oh and I'll come say hi to the winners on the carpet as well! Good luck agents #MissionImpossible @MissionImpossible
Dear friends from Paris and beyond. The first part of your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to translate the message above and follow the instructions. Good luck! #MissionImpossible @MissionImpossible
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