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Founder of Varangian Fitness NASM CPT Army Author Memento Mori Milwaukee, WI Snapchat ---> haydenskaggs

In the footsteps of giants. • • • How far are you willing to go for success? PC: @nicholas_kirchner
“But Hayden, you can’t build strong/aesthetic legs without lifting weights.” • • • Are you going to let other people tell you what you can or can’t do? Or are you going to decide for yourself? PC: @katrinavrakas
Whether they hate you or they admire you, they’re still thinking about you. • • • Who do you admire? PC: @katrinavrakas
If they look twice, you’ve already got their attention. • • • What do you do to stand out? PC: @katrinavrakas
You are if they believe you are. • • • PC: @katrinavrakas
My babe and me at the gym for Valentine’s day. A year later, and she’s still a bitch to me. But that’s why I love her. Here’s to many more! • • • If you’ve never trained with a @bruteforcesandbags sandbag, hit the link in my bio to read why it’s better than chocolates and flowers.
A wolf in sheep’s clothing. • • • Do you prefer to blend in the masses, or stand out?
Create your own legend. • • • Are you doing things worthy of a story to be told for generations to come?
Rhapsody in Blue. • • • Do you live near a large body of water?
The stages of squatting a person, a la @joeymelone. • • • Have fun with your training!
Reminiscing on warmer days. • • • PC: @nicholas_kirchner
Today’s @bruteforcesandbags workout was brutal. 3x15/arm 45lb. Sandbag KB Snatches 3x50m/arm overhead Sandbag KB lunges 3x15 Sandbag KB swings 5x100m 100lb. Sandbag Sprint • • • What did you do today?
Back to bundling up today. I just want to work out outside 😩 • • • Do you prefer to use a gym or sweat in the great outdoors?
I’m told that if you touch your chin like this, your wisdom increases by a factor of ten. • • • What do you do to gain more knowledge/wisdom?
About a year’s worth of leg progress. And not a single weight touched. • • • What’s your favorite way to train legs?
One of my favorite clients turns sixty today! Through her hard work, she doesn’t look a day over forty. Happy birthday Emily! • • • What are you doing to make a difference in people’s lives?
GIVEAWAY TIME! I’ll be giving away TWO copies of my book signed by myself and @nicholas_kirchner. Tag a friend and tell me your biggest goal for 2018! Winner will be selected tomorrow at 5pm!
Finally got some hand ink I’ve been waiting to get. They symbolize the concept of Memento Mori, “remember that you will die”. They combine the Viking runes of Algiz, life, and Yr, death. Inspired by @thenobleorder • • • PC: @ajzfit
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