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Ralph Dibny, P.I. on The Flash. Proud pit bull dad. Vegan for the animals. Taller than you think. Twitter: @thebigHtonight

Young Justice. See what I did there? We coming for you in ONE week Comic Con. @cwtheflash #theflash #youngjustice
I got a lot more aerodynamic today. #theflash #backtowork @cwtheflash
As we get started on season 5, in classic mama fashion, my mom mentioned today that it's been a year since I auditioned for Ralph Dibny. I wasn't sure so looked it up - and yup! (Moms have very special senses) Exactly one year ago today, I began the most fun and rewarding professional journey I have taken so far. Have met such incredible friends along the way. Love this picture from my first episode - our director @cavanaghtom assuring me he wouldn't hang me upside down longer than necessary (he didn't, and he is the best). A treat and my sincere privilege to join this group and be captained by the truly gifted and generous Tom my first trek out - also, crotch harnesses are equally uncomfortable upside down. For that matter, I don't recall anyone mentioning crotch harnesses in drama school. Someone teach that course, k? #upsidedownWedgieSortOfButNo #theflash #dccomics @cwtheflash #ilovemymum
#repost of the amazing @rebeccacorry - very well put. #angelforever #dogsofinstagram - keep your pets and any PTSD human family members safe tonight! #4thofjuly ・・・ Sorry to shit on everyone's Holiday, but it's an awful experience for so many. While I respect the sentiment of the day, I think how it's celebrated is beyond ignorant. Survivors of shootings and our military vets with PTSD will suffer terribly today. Countless animals will be injured, lost and killed and many children will also be injured. And all could be prevented if lighting a fire and hanging out instead of lighting explosives was how we celebrated our independence. Please keep your animals safe tonight and the nights following because people insist on lighting shit off for days after. Get home from your BBQ early and sit with your pets. They need you tonight. 🇺🇸 #fuckfireworks
**Please take the time to read this deeply personal post - STARTED HERE AND CONTINUED IN THE PHOTOS. I respectfully challenge you to read it to the end as it would mean a lot to me. # Dogs have saved my life. # I have been through some extremely dark times in life. Much more so than I have ever spoken about publicly. And it's really the simplest thing in the whole world - I would not have made it through those times without my dogs. # You can (and many friends laughingly do), refer to me as "dog-obsessed," the "pit bull guy," or even crazy old cat lady (but early thirties male with dogs). But, those folks don't really understand what a dog can do for someone who has spent time in the deepest and darkest places we may find ourselves in. So, I'll say my truth again: Dogs have saved my life, over and over and over again. # For the last couple of years, I’ve been consistently volunteering at the South LA animal shelter. # On occasion, volunteering warms my heart, especially when a dog’s adopted to a great home or when a dog I worked with goes to a great rescue and ends up with a lovely family. Sure, that CAN happen. But, it has more often been one of the most painful things I have experienced. Sure, great adoption and rescue stories can happen, but unfortunately it’s not the norm. But that hasn't stopped me from showing up to help where the help is crucially necessary at the shelter. # And now, we’re in 4th of July season, and that means lots of fireworks. Sadly, the Independence Day season is by far the hardest and most stressful time of the year for animals (and many of our military veterans!) due to fireworks. The LA shelters will see more animals come into the system these next weekends than any other time of the year. Fireworks scare the sh*t out of dogs - many run and flee. Keep your dogs inside and on leash. Make sure their microchips are up to date and that they're wearing ID tags. # **HERE'S WHAT MAKES THIS DANGEROUSLY URGENT** The shelters are all at or over capacity, and several are absolutely overflowing. South LA shelter alone has HUNDREDS of dogs. (Con't in photos!) #4thofjuly #adoptdontshop #dogsofinstagram #animalrights
On my way to Vancouver and I give you #CraterLake in Oregon. A volcano that had a massive eruption 7700 years ago, and what remained became the caldera now containing the lake. This lake is the DEEPEST in the USA - nearly 2000ft. Ninth deepest in the world. America's #NationalPark system is one of the most meaningful things we have done as a country. Without that protection, there could be freakin' condos on the rim of this absolute natural masterpiece. We should never compromise the @nationalparkservice in any way. #GoOutside #oregon #roadtrip #NoFilter #SCIENCE #nature
"That's why they call it the jungle, sweetheart." #fbf to #argentina at the incredible #iguazu falls
"and I started from the bottom like a Snowman, ground up" #throwback to #yosemite
And a #throwback to one of my favorite costumes - myself as The Terminator and @itsmattbush as John Connor from one of my all-time favorite movies (Terminator 2). PS - the gun is fake, folks. #terminator @schwarzenegger #arnoldschwarzenegger
Amazing time in London with the one and only @dpanabaker at @heroesfanfest - wanted to thank each and every one of you for coming and saying hi. This was such a wonderful experience for me and few things have meant more to me than getting a moment to connect with you wonderful folks who support our show. You're all Rookies in my book. #theflash @cwtheflash #london #Repost @dpanabaker ・・・ Hugs with @hartleysawyer
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