hari nef

really picky

what’s up girls! i’m in the august issue of vanity fair (!?) talking about assassination nation teenage girlhood and what i learned from nicki minaj! link in bio because where else would it be? yay 🌼
assassination nation is in theaters september 21st! full trailer link is in bio and we’ll be seeing you thursday at comic con! scream #assassinationnation
remember tub girl? this is her now! feel old?
it’s too hot for makeup
alfred hitchcock’s vertigo june 30th at hollywood forever cemetary 🌀 thanks to alia p. for inviting me to live out my enduring urge toward novak cosplay 📸 amy strozzi
good morning america @anationmovie september 21st #assassinationnation 📸 by the brilliant monica lek
cut to 10 hours later when i was running through the desert calling myself “bald charlize”
i genuinely do not know who this America girl is i was just resting because i was tired and sleepy too
happy birthday uncle luke
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