Hannah Lux Davis

DIRECTOR ✖️ CREATIVE Los Angeles📍Seattle Music Video • Tommy LaBuda + OB Commercial • Hustle + Friends of Ford Film + TV • UTA @LondonAlley 💘👼🏼🎥✨♡

Off to Montana for a shoot & missing my lil fur ball already! 🐾💕 #kevinthekitty
A few years ago I found this hotel, Hotel Saint Cecilia on Pinterest & told myself that THIS was where I was going to go for my bachelorette (duh, look at that neon!)... and BAM!! HAD THE BESSSST TIME OMG. 💘💍🤠 ph: @ashtsheen #HLDsLastSpreeBeforeOui #luxfiglio
Best bachelorette squad EVER!!! Love you all so freaking much! 💘✨💍💎 #HLDsLastSpreeBeforeOui #luxfiglio
Because this outfit needed to be officially documented. 💍💁🏽‍♀️💅🏽#HLDsLastSpreeBeforeOui #luxfiglio
Honestly living my best life...I mean why can’t everyday feel like a bachelorette!? 💍✨🚤 #HLDsLastSpreeBeforeOui #luxfiglio
#HLDsLastSpreeBeforeOui 💍🚤🔥 #luxfiglio
Bachelorette goody bags!! 👏🏽So👏🏽Much👏🏽Fun putting these together!! 💕💍🛍 #HLDsLastSpreeBeforeOui ✨ SWIPE to see the goodies!! #luxfiglio
🦇⭐️Bachelorette weekend in Austin!! Eeeee!!! Love you, Kikikins!⭐️🦇 #HLDsLastSpreeBeforeOui 💍 #luxfiglio
Kickin’ off my bachelorette weekend with some OG HLD nails!! Austin, TX... look out!! WE’RE HERE!!!! 🐴💍💘⭐️ #HLDsLastSpreeBeforeOui ✨ Custom jacket by @sarahrosedavis ! #luxfiglio
⭐️🌸PART 2: New video out for @spaceykacey !! 🤩#HighHorse ✨🐴📽I had soooo much fun collaborating w/ Kacey on this one!! #londonalley @londonalley @bbonfiglio @lluuggaaaa • COMMISSIONER @jojocarter12 • PRODUCER @laurensolie • DP @carlos_ve • ART @johnrichouxdesign • STEADICAM @orlandoduguay • KACEY GLAM @ecduzit @carlenekmakeup @giovanni__delgado • CAST GLAM @mstr_of_disguise @kimquyendesign @nikko.anthony @alexthaohair @josie.melano • COLORIST @marshcampawesome @oliocreative • VFX @gloriafx • ASSISTANT @ariellofaro • EDIT by me & @cabinedit @taylortracywalsh • CASTING @germanlegarreta 🌸⭐️
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