Young Gully

YHTM Booking 4 Young Gully: Subscribe to my VEVO. New single from myself x Benny x Mz A1 'Fuck Wit U' in my bio now!

The full song just dropped on @thethizzler link in bio!!! Clap it ASAP. @mza1 @us4benny @lfinguz @djguttabuttayesyes
No lil homies. We all make our own decisions. In the ouchie we trust.
Its been plenty situations where I had to show niggas. It aint nuthin to do it again. Might wanna ask about me.
If I get enough 💯💯 in the comment section Me x @us4benny x @mza1 x @djguttabuttayesyes x @lfinguz will drop this heat off to @thethizzler Tomorrow morning!!! Yall here for it or nah? #HITS Drop a 💯 and lmk. The album comin soon.
I really dont be caring what people say about me and 10 times outta 10 I never even see it or hear it until somebody else tell me. Oh well. Ill live. Ima get a bag regardless so I dont really gotta response or a reaction. Yo opinion dont mean shit to me. Code of Silence EP out now. BTW I dont got no problem w/ Philthy so lets not spread anymore fake rumors guys.
My nigga Dru told me Im too dope to fall off thats why so many try to come for my neck. But dont nothin ever happen. I dont be worried. Still movin the same way.
March 23rd "The Money" video drops on my Vevo. Subscribe now. @fresh199x Code of Silence EP out now.
"Rumors" off the "Code of Silence EP out now. Go cop that.
Keep working. GM. Have a positive and productive day. Code of Silence EP out now.
Keep me out the bullshit. I kept it too real to be apart of it.
The Money. March 23rd. Subscribe now. @robdriscal x @fresh199x x @tayoffthetop x @bee.da.p I know yall waitin for this!!! Code of Silence EP out now.
Stay patient...I dont sound like nobody else.
"The Money" official video dropping soon. Subscribe to my channel Check my latest ig vid for a preview. Code of Silence EP out now. March 23rd.
@fabbydavisjr1 This is killin em bro! You really taking this shit to another level. I need this ASAP. 💯💯
Salute my brothers makin moves in Austin. Proud of them niggas. Workin in silence. We all doin what we gotta do and we all on the same page.
If you ready for the video drop that 💰💰💰 in the comments. @robdriscal x @fresh199x Code of Silence EP out now. Niggas gont respect how Im comin.
I dont have no respect for anybody who tell me its love then speaks down on me when Im not around. I dont have no respect for anybody outside of my circle that tries to take credit for or discredit the work WE put in. I dont have respect for no man who threatens my life over some shit that aint true or some petty shit. I dont got no respect for a nigga who spread a lie about me then act like its cool when they see me. I dont got no respect for no man who hate on me behind the scenes when I only speak highly of them. Tell the TRUTH. And when yall call yallselves real niggas make sure you know the true meaning of that. Just because you a STREET NIGGA dont mean you a REAL NIGGA. Im happy now tho. So let a nigga be that and find your happiness.
When you a real 1. You a real 1. Period. @hdheartof61
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