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Love above all else.

It’s the end of the first full week of season 5. Feels like it might be a special one..
How good are these?? I hadn’t quite figured out the smile yet.
Also, this thing is great. I had to ask my Mom to send me some shots. Comic-Con wanted school pictures, but my favorites were a couple little league pictures she found that I’ll also post because they’re too good.. @daninicolet you win. I’m obsessed with you. Just 1 week until #SDCC
This thing has already been posted everywhere, but here it is again as a friendly reminder that #SDCC is only a week away...
Today is my favorite person’s birthday which makes today my favorite day. Also it’s 7/11, so that’s a legit birthday to begin with. We had the best friggin time at the @venetianvegas this passed weekend. We were treated to an amazing dinner at @chicalasvegas and capped it off at their club, @taolasvegas where apparently @jonthoma and I stayed reppin’ O-H. Super thankful to the Venetian for giving @lathoma3 a memorable birthday with a lot of her friends. We shall return... I LOVE YOU LA.
Vancouver Road Trip: Season 5 was a great success.
San Fran is the best. Tyler and Rookie’s first time. She sat and watched pretty much all of California, Oregon and Washington go by.
Gustin Dogs.
Gustin Bros. @tylergust10
This year we took our time a little bit driving back up to Van. Lots of iPhone and Canon shots. This was a dope moment, right after we did some off-roading for a bit.
Available for any war drama. (I’m actually not available until late April)
This is from our most recent visit with the fam in VA. Not only is it Father’s Day, but it’s also Grandpa’s 97th birthday and he’s still an inspiration to the family and everyone else that knows him. Here LA is clearly breaking something down for Grandpa who is hanging on every word. I’m surprised he’s not holding LA’s hand. He may be holding Mom’s hand. One hand is usually a requirement. I love how Grandpa is smiling at LA and Dad is Smiling at Grandpa, and I can only see the back of Mom’s head but I know she’s smiling at someone too and so am I as I took this picture. Happy Father’s day, Happy Birthday and I miss my family.
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