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Since 1938! Want to live in #Montana and work on the Water in #GlacierNationalPark ? See our Employment page.

There is a lot of snow in them there hills. Lake McDonald wears all the seasons well!#glaciernationalpark #winter
Currently hiding under a thick blanket of snow and ice, this place can get pretty gnarly in the winter. #warmthoughts #stokethefire #winter #cabinfever #glaciernationalpark
Picking out a pile of #planking stock cedar (plus bending oak) from the great folks @edensawwoods Thanks to Owner Kiwi and his exceptional staff! #woodenboat #glacierparkboats #goodwood
A fitting farewell to Many Glacier post season projects. Here's to snow piling deep! #glaciernationalpark #manyglacier
After nearly 3 weeks hanging out anchored in the lake, Desmet is finally comfortably nestled in her boathouse. Thanks for the great summer, but we are happy to see some snow fly! ❄️ ⚓️ ❄️ #glaciernationalpark #glacierparkboats
That's a wrap, folks! Watch our Many G crew moving the dock, today we are tucking the boats back in for winter. Thanks for making @glacierparkboats part of your summer experience! ⚓️🚢🚣🏽
We are approaching the final hours of the 2017 operational season. Many Glacier is the last location standing, due to the #spraguefire around Lake McDonald. Thanks for the great season everyone! Soon we will be on to pulling boats and starting the cycle all over again. #glacierparkboats #glaciernationalpark #manyglacier #summer17
Those sunsets though! Many Glacier has been beautiful all week with boat tours and hikes running through this Sunday, Sept. 17. Catch one of the last boats of the season! #glaciernationalpark #montanamoment
Sinopah is running up and down the lake for this seasons final day today. The south/west winds have cleared the skies throughout the park, better get it while you can! The #gttsr remains closed, but we are still open at #manyglacier and #twomedicine on the eastside. #Apgar will be open with rentals through tomorrow.
Our historic vessel DeSmet is safe, but fire is just above Lake McDonald. We will keep our Apgar rental location open for another week; a unique perspective on the #spraguefire from one of our rental boats! Two Medicine and Many Glacier still open as well with good air quality.
The #goingtothesunroad is closed around Lake McDonald to Logan Pass. Apgar is still open and rentals are available, but operations at Lake McDonald Lodge are on hold until further notice. Fire crews are busy around the lodge currently. Stay safe out there.... #spraguefire #glacierparkboats #glaciernationalpark #glaciermt
There's still lots of summer left in #glaciernationalpark All of our locations are still open! Last day for Apgar and Rising Sun is Labor Day, Two Med is Sept. 9, Many Glacier Sept. 17, and Lake McDonald Sept. 24!
Montana summers wait for no one. Come treat yourself to some #twomedtime #glacierparkboats #glaciermt #twomedicine #woodenboats #summer
It's a hot one, find yourself some water and get on it or in it! #sunpoint #stmarylake #littlechief #glaciernationalpark
Inspired; never tired. Two Medicine Lake is good medicine #glaciernationalpark #glacierparkboats
We have an immediate opening at Many Glacier for a full or part-time dockhand! Free on-site housing is provided for full-time employees. Duties include: operating cash register, assisting customers with rental boats, and leading short interpretive hikes to Grinnell Lake from the boat tour. Must be a US citizen, over 18, and have current CPR/First Aid (or able to get it ASAP). Season runs through Sept. 17. Spend the rest of your summer on the water! 💦 For more info or to apply, email 👉🏽 📷: @hunterdayphoto
Stop by and ride the Sinopah in Two Medicine this week! The weather is perfect! - Thanks for the photo Terry! If you need a bite to eat or a place to stay near by be sure and check out @brownieshostelandbakery #glaciernationalpark
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