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Friendly Reminder:: Even if you had weight loss surgery you still have to do the mental and physical work! Be patient with yourself..
FAITH goes a long long way.. visualization helps the process..
What bad habits are you ditching this weekend?? I'm ditching spending unnecessary money at the mall.. 👌🏾
Happy Happy Saturday 💕
What makes you HAPPY??
Do you meditate? I personally prefer to pray and meditate afterwards. ❤️❤️My mother always use to say "praying is talking to God and meditating is listening"
Just looked down and realized I have on my old shoe with the newish shoe 😂😂 Looks a hot mess, but I guess it's all good for trappin...
THANK YOU has become my two favorite words. Before I check my phone in the morning, I give thanks for being alive and well. When I'm in a rut I usually get my mala beads (prayer beads) and for each bead I find something to be thankful for.
Rise & Shine ☀️️☀️️
Gratitude is truly the BEST attitude!! Today I am thankful for clarity on my path, I'm thankful for the relationship I have with God. I am thankful for my family and friends. The list truly goes on and on. WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR??
5/6 days isn't so bad. Yesterday was like a blur, I could give 1000 reasons on why. However where's the power in that? I woke up and decided to start fresh and with that being said I'm back on track.
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