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When you lose your friend to a relationship... 😂😂😂 (TAG A FRIEND YOU LOST!!) 📸 @martin_depict
Life is like a train, everybody rides it, but it’s up to you to decide where your destination is. 🚂 📸 @martin_depict
IM SO EXCITED!! @mengroomingco & I have teamed up to release my very first collection of hair product!!!! Growing up I always told myself that one day I’d create my own wax and today that dream came true! In my collection I not only give you guys a strong holding wax but a fragrance that will leave your hair smelling amazing, with a nice shine to top off that clean cut look. This isn’t shit, this is chic. 📸 @martin_depict
When you see your crush and try to act normal... 😂😂😂 (TAG A FRIEND WHOS NOT NORMAL)
Your boy looking ready for a vampire movie. 😂😂😂 📸 @arniewatkins
Fun fact about me, if I could wear a suit everyday I’d do it.
When your dad takes you to the beach for the first time.... 😂😂😂
About to climb this pole like a 🐒 📸 @arniewatkins
🎉TODAY IS THE LAST DAY!!🎉 Go to to pre order your gear now and you might be the winner that gets your merch delivered by me! I'm also choosing 10 people to FaceTime with! TIMES RUNNING OUT GO GO GO!! 🎉🎉🎉
Mom... she's not sharing !!!
Your new favorite boy band!!! 😂😂😂
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