Gary Winthorpe

World renowned artist, fashion designer, cowboy - 'love the wild, love yourself'

What a great guy.
Gary’s daughter once lost her virginity. He got it back.
Gary figured out how to make his penis 10 feet long. He just folded it in half.
It’s not something you pick up, it’s in your blood.
Gary brings Santa presents
When Gary was born he delivered himself.
Gary’s passport doesn’t require a photo because everyone knows him.
The man. The myth. The legend.
If you're ever sad and feeling blue and think that no one's there for you, just look up to the sky and know that Gary's watching you 🌞
Gary once got attacked by a lion. The lion died.
When Gary isn't at home relaxing on his ranch, he's out in the pasture cooking up trouble with Mother Nature. Love the wild, love yourself, love Gary.
Happy birthday Gary Winthorpe
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