Treat people with kindness

Anytime I'm alone I can't help thinking about you🖤
01/03/1994 JUSTIN DREW BIEBER was born. Certainly this date brought a love of soul that would live in me, my meeting was similar to that of thousands of BELIEBERS, to see a print in a magazine of super stars. My heart pounded in that moment, I felt a connection to which words could never explain! I have been following this success trajectory since 2010, I live a love that makes me so well haha, I went to the show in São Paulo I cried a lot and repeated the word (I love you) many times without getting tired, on the contrary, I was very happy intensely seeing the Justin, right in front of me and it will take me for the rest of my life. I see and follow his glories in his success deserved and traced by God. Your actions in helping needy people fascinate me! There are wonderful BELIEBERS who are with him in a certain way at every possible moment, and I am one of them. I believe my sisters BELIEBERS will be reading my love, which I try to explain in words ... I try haha. Videos about Justin are part of my life, as a way to feel closer to this love that makes me so good! JUSTIN, I love you very much! Let me register my congratulations for this special and enlightened day in your life, in my life too! May God enlighten you in your journey as an angel, so bright between us BELIEBERS and the world, I will be here cheering for you always! Loving and dreaming of your embrace my love. Health, peace and that you continue to enchant us with your beauty so complete..I LOVE YOU MY LOVE❤️❤️❤️ #24years HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉 @justinbieber
amo mt ❤️
So baby know for sure that I’ll never let you go💙
Come hold me please, and never let me go🥀
I’m a little different now because of you 🖤
aaa como eu amo❤️
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