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💪🏾 ac mine please give creds if u use
jealousy [2/2] eddie chose richie au for those who didn't understand: in the first part (few edits before this one) shows richie and mike being both in love with eddie and now, eddie has feelings towards richie, not mike. mike can't see them together so he commits suicide. ac kuteaudios @instagram fix ur quality
lady troubles w/ @jackdgrazer & @jaedenwesley
disco fever
he made it happy birthday even tho he's never gonna see this tag him anyways? @wyattoleff
la vibe small scrap which will flop but oh well I tried (she liked and commented)
jealousy [1/2] ac mine give credit if you use, thank you very much in which mike and richie are both head over heels for eddie
wait a minute...does he say "bath salt" in the beginning? ac kuteaudios
introducing #reddiesgrp rules: 1. mbf @fack_lovers @fxltw 2. tag 2-3 editors who might want to join 3. post 2-3 edits under the tag #reddiesgrprct , NOT TO #reddiesgrp 4. we'll be choosing 6-9 people 5. due is 25th of july 7. you have to like/ship reddie (obviously) #opengrp #openrct #grprct
let's just pretend this is how the story ended ignore the glitch sry bout that ib my.aedits ac mine
damn canadians y'all can stop taking this so personally. its a joke.
one kiss for queenie cause she's special to me :')
summer this is reddie NOT fack ac mine CREDIT IF U USE repost cause instagrams a bitch
I dont regret making this, but I fucking hate when yall get so salty over this ac mine better with headphones
they're coming out and the world is shaking ac mine for everyone who missed me <3 (no one in this case)
their anthem look how Instagram fucks up the quality ac mine @fxltwaudios ib bia
2016 wyatt is back ac strngermike (I edited it slightly and added voiceovers) #lavagrp #astronumgrp #wlfhrdgrp
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