Functional Fitness Station

Class times are: Mon - Fri 530am, 630am, 530pm, 630pm Saturday 7:30am 8:30am

Yeeewwwww!!!! Boxing tonight!! ðŸĨŠðŸĨŠ
Friday night is electric ðŸĪŠ
Nat's birthday boxing crew!!! ðŸĨŠðŸĨŠ
ZUU finisher last night EMOM... So proud of everyone's effort in last night and this morning class!! Can't wait for next week to see you all back for another killer 😁😁💊💊
Girls club 💊
This is what we do! We chat with our members all day and ensure that they stay motivated and achieve great things! It's going to be an awesome class tonight! Can't wait! #workoutmotivation #motivation #ffsfam #FFSTeam #gat
Killer ðŸĨŠðŸĨŠðŸĨŠ session this morning with these big guys 💊💊💊
ZUU crew this morning!! 🙏✌ïļ For outtakes swipe ⮅ïļ 😜
Yeeeew one more sleep till Monday. New week, new goals to smash 💊
That feeling after a full week of training!! #cantbeatit
A small but mighty zuu class today!!! #zuufitness #zuuintwo #mobilitytraining #team #flexibility #frogs #bears
Straight from the horses mouth guys! Can't wait to see every body's day 3 of ZUUintwo!! #GAT #Repost @zuufitness â€Ē â€Ē â€Ē ZUU IN TWO Tuesday!! * Empowering 50 million people with 2 simple ZUU movements over 2 mins to regain their mobility which leads to quality of life. * 30 seconds frogs squats 30 seconds bear crawls 30 seconds frogs squats 30 seconds bear crawls * #GAT
These legends ðŸĪ— Just to show off a few that have taken the #zuu in two challenge on board today.. Makes us proud to see you all giving it a go!! 💞
ZUUintwo - Week 2 challenge!!!! What is ZUUintwo? It is a 2 minute ZUU drill that should be done daily! It will improve your range of motion and overall mobility! The challenge is to complete this drill at least once per day for the next 7 days! 30 seconds frogs 30 seconds bears 30 seconds frogs 30 seconds bears GET A TOUCH!!!
Saturday morning with these big guns!!
Only two days left to receive your membership for $19 p/w... Get in quick before the sale finishes 💊
Week 1 of the challenge is in full swing and it's only day two!! Keen to see what everyone keeps bringing to the table!! Let's absolutely smash it guys 💊💊💊
Snippet of our first ZUU class finisher!! 💊🙏
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