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This is so nuts
Want a chance to win 2 VIP Tickets to see @themilesmckenna , @msrebeccablack , and @nowthisisliving ’s #LoveIsLove tour in LA? Check out our story to enter!
Been there.
Looking for an all-access pass to life. DM me.
When dinner at 6 turns to dinner at… never. #datingfears
Be like @macdoesit today and practice some self care. What's your go-to for self care? πŸ“·: @macdoesit
Magic Funhouse's @brandonbored helps us rank the scariest Halloween villains.
Fall sky = πŸ”₯ πŸ“· @sabrinacarpenter
THUMBPRINT 011: β€œScared straight, yea I am! All done with grad school in NYC, hate living here, now what? Pack up and leave it all. Working full time, having my own apartment and my loving dog who gives lots of kisses. But I want to chase my dreams of finally getting out to LA. Okay, well time to make it happen. Get here, have to leave my dog on the East Coast until I can find a job in my limited creative field (JOY), find a place to live, oh yea and try to survive off of the change I thought was considered good savings to move! Game on! Operation of not failing yourself and your dog that's patiently waiting for you. Fear of being a loser with a Masters degree, man oh man. Broke, semi homeless, sad Pomeranian Poodle , and nothing to show for it but two degrees. Heck yea I'm swimming in FEAR!” -Bessie Byrd (@BessieLB ), Marina Del Rey, CA
What does your best friend mean to you? Hit us with your words at submit@fullscreen.com and you might be featured.
Nobody likes to be left hanging. πŸ“· @miguelmarquezoutside
Yeah no don't even worry about it.
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