It’s M #istandwithjellie until i hear the whole story. Finn and Lucas living happy and successful lives is such a kink.

Me when i meet finn some day
How I’m tryna be with my boo
Go read my new fin fanfic link in bio! Preview of fic on story
U guys like
Okay since no ones tryna say it i will, why does wolfhardbrownupdates say fuck shit and block people like she’s boogie she makes comments as if people care that she has plenty K to support her when we all know deep down that in irl she wouldn’t do shit ? And why does she get salty Over crediting yet instead of crediting me took down the post off of her acc and that’s something i made originally the stuff she asks people to CRED her for are quick updates that she obviously got off other people who were quicker than her? She blocked me but since no one gon fuckin say it i will,
Actually age range is two up two down which would be 13-17 and it’s absolutely normal to have those sexual urges and interests at that age this is a lie and since she’s a big acc i thought I’d let y’all know if you see her say shit like this not to believe it
Me @ finn whenever he says wrong
Damn I’m so fucking funny y’all
Why is everyone hating on @strangergamess for making sexual jokes when half of y’all probably imagine finn mixing up yo guts on the daily stfu
Sent in by @nicole.gfb LMAO i love it when y’all send me stuff like this
you so fucking precious when you 💗💕💘💞💗💞💘 💞 watch degrassi💝 💗from season one💕 💘💞💗💞💘💕💓
This bitch really out here eating ketchup and mustard in a cup- i thought it was peanut butter i -
A cutie
This nigga tried it, there’s been this dude after me since freshman year. He was a junior now I’m a junior and he’s in college. And he just got a girl and wanna be a dick to me . Like my beautiful ass is sitting here unbothered I’ve curved you since before i was sexually legal.
(Not my edit) sort of wanna right a fanfic ab finn like a dark romantic one sort of like after but i don’t want abunch of ten year olds calling me a perve when i have to write the sexy scenes it’s not like imma write the sexy type scenes super graphically like I’m not gonna be up on watt pad like “she grabbed finn wolfhards shaft dramatically” or anything but Ik I’m gonna get called a pedophile if even one moan is involved in the fan fic LMAO
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