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Check out this beautiful mom of 2! She began with us as a client and is now a health coach on our team. Kristen works form home with her babies & is making a huge impact in Ontario. Her results are sick and her quality is of life is just as beautiful. . . . . . . #dreamlife #creathelifeyouwant #freedomlife #workfromhomemom #fitcoach #healthcoach
Part of today’s lower body workout - Do you finish all your sets or do you skip? I’ve made a commitment to do each and every set / rep / lbs required 🔥 I’m impressing myself 😉 Try this - it really targets & if you add weight, results come fairly quickly. I did 2 plates of 45 lbs - 15 reps followed by 20 without weight - 5 sets. . . . . . #havingfunwithmyworkout #weightlosslifestyle #hipthrust #hipthrusts #lowerbodyworkout #toneit
If you aren’t completely drenched - then it’s not working. For something to change, you have to change (thx @victoriagetfit ) Not in the mood for this today - I’m feeling a little lazy but got my 🍑 to the gym anyway. Be committed with no excuses - that’s what she said 😉 so that’s exactly what I’m doing. Follow me @foreverfitsonya for more health & nutrition tips . . . . . #fitnessgirlsmotivation #fitnesslifestyles #bikinifitness2018 #bikinicompetition #weightlosslifestyle #loseweightandkeepitoff #sweatlife #sweatyselfie
I am fortunate to be surrounded by fabulous people from all walks of life EVERYDAY ♥️ You can’t do it alone, don’t underestimate the power of support & community. When you have a significant amount of people on your side, helping you grow...the outcome will be great. Join us everyday or online for health results. Follow me @foreverfitsonya for more health & nutrition tips All rights and credits reserved to the respective owner (s) DM . . . . . . . #communitysupport #fitfam #fitfamilia #weightlosslifestyle #healthyactivelifestyle #healthyactivelife #resultsforlife #loseweightfast #loseweightnow #weightlossprogram
I am LOVING my curves these days. It’s funny how I always wanted to be slim / skinny...To me that was beautiful & sexy. I have had the privilege of working with women with all sorts of body types and my perception of “what was attractive” changed immediately. Most women come to me because they want to learn about overall health, Weight loss & digestive health so believe me, I have seen bodies transform in ways that would blow your mind. I began to see that curves & strong / toned bodies were gorgeous!!! Then all of a sudden I wanted to put on some weight but only in specific areas. I have always struggled to put on muscle - my body tends to store fat really easily too. So now because of this competition, I have no choice but to bulk up. Just like you can’t target fat loss, you can’t target weigh gain either. Most girls don’t want to go through the bulking phase - You will bulk in places you probably don’t want 😝 and that’s ok! Love your body - in all its shapes & sizes ♥️ Follow me @foreverfitsonya for health & nutrition tips #curves #curvesaresexy #bulkphase #bikinifitness2018 #weightlossprogram #bulkphase #howtoloseweight #howtogethealthy #consistencyiskey
Look at this amazing transformation. @mc_nutrifit started with us as a client and was a personal trainer. Through nutrition she was able to build muscle mass and maintain it. Our method is simple, it’s 80% nutrition, 20% exercise & 100% mindset. Follow me @foreverfitsonya for more health & nutrition tips . . . . . . #musclegain #tonedgirls #fitchica #personaltrainers #weightlosslifestyle #weightlossprogram
Repetition is the way to mastery. For me, unless I have a compelling goal, I lack motivation. However, I know that by being consistent / persistant & repeating the same actions this way, I will attain my goal no matter what. Let’s be honest, nobody is motivated 💯 of the time. I have associated so much pleasure in eating healthy & working out that now it’s become my life. I crave it and I love the way I feel both physically & mentally. Im excited because today i was able to complete 4 sets of 18 reps at 200 lbs 😜 I had total belief and faith that by laying out goals for myself - I would be able to inspire others to do the same. You won’t make it by just being positive, incorporating random workouts or by eating 3 healthy meals... Set goals, aim high, get support & commit. I promise you won’t regret it 🙏🏻 Follow me @foreverfitsonya for health & nutrition tips #repetitionisthesecret #askmehow #icanhelpyou #beconsistent #repetition #mastery #aimhigh #setgoals #repetitioniskey #toneyourlegs #toneyourbody #bikinifitness2018 #bikiniprep #bikinibody #havefunwithit #loseweightnow #loseweightandkeepitoff
Ok here it is!!!! My famous Homemade Anti-bloat cereal 🥣 I have many other tricks to help relieve bloating but this has Made such a difference in my body. You can adjust it to meet your specific needs. I created this because so many people have nut 🥜 allergies so this is something you can make at home & it is packed with seeds. I don’t believe in counting calories - but I will tell you that this cereal is packed with protein, fibre, good fats, vitamins & minerals 🙏🏻 This jar lasts me about 1 week. Isn’t it beautiful? Instructions: 🔺Shake it up and then scoop 4-5 tbs into a bowl. Place this mason jar In your pantry for the week. 🔺Pour nut milk to cover and whisk it up because the chia seeds tend to stick together. 🔺You could add some vanilla extract as well. 🔺place The bowl in the fridge over night 🔺the following Morning add more nut milk depending on the consistency you want (I like mine more liquid) 🔺add berries for more antioxidants & to sweeten 🔺my kids won’t eat it unless I add a dash of maple syrup but I’ve gotten used to the “no sugar flavor” Enjoy!! Note: - You could use brown sesame seeds instead of black or you could use both. - Add chopped almonds for more crunch. - Remove any ingredient you don’t like. - Careful with ground flax seeds - they are heat producing so make sure it’s no more than 1/4 cup. - If you feel indigestion, it may be the chia seeds as they are water soluble. My hubby can’t digest them so I make him a batch without the chia seed layer and he loves it. 1/2 cup of: - cocoa - Sunflower seeds - Pumpkin seeds - Brown sesame seeds - Black sesame seeds - Chia seeds - Hemp seeds - Shredded coconut 1/4 cup of: - Ground flax seeds Follow me @foreverfitsonya for health & nutrition tips #antibloat #antibloatsecret #antibloatremedy #bloatingsucks #bloated #bloat #bloating #healthygut #healthydigestion #diseasestartsinyourstomach #sonyasnutritionvideos #sonyashomemadecereal
Stretching is so important for your body to feel flexible and limber. We store so much stress in our body, be sure to make it feel good. Do you stretch daily? Come try Essentrics with me tonight at 6h30 - I promise to make you sweat, tone, stretch & rebalance your body ♥️ Follow me @foreverfitsonya for more health & nutrition tips . . . . . . #stretching #toned #rebalancethebody #sweatwithme #toneyourbody #toneyourlegs #havefunwithit
Meet @fitness_doll24 - she lost 66 lbs on our nutrition plan (swipe left) and now she is coaching others on how to live a healthy, active lifestyle. It’s crazy how her life has changed just because she wanted to make herself healthy. Now she is a full time coach in our team & has complete freedom to live the life she always wanted. #thiscouldbeyou . . . . . #weightlosslifestyle #weightlossmotivation #groupchats #supportsystem
Would you Agree that aging gracefully is so beautiful? There is something to be said about this timeless beauty who does not appear to have had any work done on her face. We all have expression lines because we have all laughed, cried... I’m not against plastic surgery because I believe a woman should feel confident. If she can improve her self image then go right ahead. A simple way to achieve this is to consume collagen. Not all collagens are absorbed or effective. By replenishing your reserves, you can have toned & firmer skin, healthy full Hair, fine lines & wrinkles reduced & long / strong nails again. Mine is sweetened with stevia & tastes like strawberry lemonade 🍋 Want to try? Swipe left for some testimonials Follow me @foreverfitsonya for health & nutrition tips All rights and credits reserved to the respective owner (s) DM . . . . . . . #collagenbeautybooster #collagenprotein #collagendrink #wrinklereduction #elasticskin #aginggracefully
Missing my man 💕 away for a week on business... If you choose to live the fitness journey, it’s so helpful when your partner joins you. Mark is 48 years old but doesn’t look a day past 30 & is in better shape than 20 year olds. Eat clean & workout & meditate - it’s just that simple. Follow me @foreverfitsonya for health & nutrition tips . . . . . . #fitcouplesdoitbetter #agingbackward #agingbackwards #aginggracefully #fitparents @misterlucky24
Would you eat this? Simplifying your life makes all the difference. I’m home alone for the next week while hubby is away on business. Needless to say I don’t have time for elaborate meals with two very very active boys 🙈 Time: 5 min Protein wrap Egg salad Spinach Cucumbers Hummus ♥️ . . . . . . #eathealthyfood #eggprotein #hummusaddict #veggiestyle #eatyourveggiessoyoulookgoodnaked #dontcountcalories #momlifebelike
What a transformation!!!!! @fitmomma_journey is committed & has a zero excuse attitude. She is a beautiful mom of 2 and is inspiring so many to follow in her footsteps. The first shot was taken 9 months ago after her first weigh in...the second was yesterday 🎈 Trust me when I tell You - TAKE PICTURES! Clients tell me All The time that they hate the way they look & feel, so they won’t take a picture of themselves. Just take that picture & before you know it, you’ll be excited to post it all over 😉 Follow me @foreverfitsonya for more health & nutrition tips . . . . . . . #weightlosstransformation #postpartum #postpartumhealth #postpartumjourney #bodytransformations #dontcountcalories
I’m all about a healthy, active lifestyle. No diets or strict calorie counting. You need something that is easy and sustainable. When you starve yourself - you are slowing down your metabolism which means over time, you will actually store more fat because the speed at which you burn calories is slower. You will experience weight loss for about 8-12 weeks after which you will plateau. Balanced nutrition is key to avoid malnutrition and other health issues. Remember, is is easier to prevent disease than to cure it. Follow me @foreverfitsonya for more health & nutrition tips . . . . . . #naturalnutritionist #healthiswealth #askmehow #dontcountcalories #nostarvation #healthcoach #sonyasnutritionvideos
Look at this gorgeous transformation!! Isn’t she beautiful? @healthcoach.mimi is a coach on our team & was able to build muscle mass by sticking to her meal plan and being consistent. When it’s a lifestyle, it’s easy. Diets don’t work! Follow me @foreverfitsonya for more health & nutrition tips . . . . . . . #bodytransformations #nutritioniskey #consistencyiskey #motivating
Do results like these inspire you? Meet Ashely, she is a beautiful mom who came to us last year wanting to lose weight & get healthy. She is down over 60 lbs now and is keeping it off. How???! It’s really simple, when you understand NUTRITION and YOUR SPECIFIC BODY TYPE, you can maintain whatever figure you desire. Diets won’t work long term. In fact, you’ll probably gain all the weight back & then some 🙈 If @ashalmon can do it, so can you 💕 . . . . . . . . #weightlosslifestyle #healthyfamily #askme #askmehow #postpartumhealth #postpartumhealth #sustainableweightloss #confidenceissexy #healthcoach #letmecoachyou
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