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I lead a team whose purpose is to serve the 1 out of 5 New Yorkers needing help affording food."

I interrupt my vacation to share BIG NEWS...FOR MY FAMILY. My Muff is #London bound!!!! Our sweet girl received one of 8 slots in the world and will be receiving her MFA!!! For those who thought I was being biased...know that you can be that when you're also RIGHT. 😁😁 I'm so proud I could burst. She's worked hard, proven herself and EARNED this opportunity. #loveMyFamily #prettyGranny is proud!!! #mississippiGirl #dillardAlum #myDU #theater #YESimBragging #DamnRight #classicTraining #gameChanger #shakespearesHomeGirl #myCousinsAreAwesome
Anyone can be a jerk...Be kind on purpose. You'll be happier!
Great advice that I'm choosing to take today. #CharityCEO #selfCare thanks @ariannahuff
Happy #internationalWomensDay ! My life has been blessed by powerful, compassionate, unafraid, loving and inspirational women. Their power was not based in title but embraced responsibility and overcome burdens and biases. I thank my teachers who are young and old for demonstrating how to be unapologetically free and intentional. I LOVE you and honor you
Raise the profile of impoverished women by changing your pic. Please join @foodbank4nyc and @katieleekitchen to bring more dignity to the fight to end hunger in time for #internationalWomensDay . #Woman2WomanNYC Get your banner here...
Its #nationalDressDay Do you know @shayswood ? She is a Harlem business owner (@5001flavors & @haberdasherynyc ) and philanthropist (@takecareofharlem ). She customized the gown she's wearing and added a fabulously angelic feather capelet. I took a fabulous and inexpensive shortcut with @renttherunway and jewelry found @amazon. If you have gowns to spare...she needs them for #Harlem teenage girls needing help affording dresses for the #prom . #shareGlam #2ndLifeGowns #womenshistorymonth
#mood decide not to drag last weeks nonsense into todays new OPPORTUNITY. Crazy doesnt follow us...IT HITCHES RIDES in cozy customized backpacks, PACKED BY US. A wonderful Monday morning to you.
The best moments are those you get to share!!! We can't take care of Harlem without committed leaders. You often hear about and see our Chiefs @foodbank_coo and Veronica but Sheree, Sheri, Camesha and Tami are not as known. However, their love prints are ALL OVER OUR service to Our Harlem community. We're going to split the award. 😍Sheri @humblechefj became ill but we got to celebrate with her very talented baby girl...a pastry chef who is πŸ’£ #hh2018ball #harlemmasqueradeball #boriqua #migente
I needed a village to prep for Harlems Masquerade ball. I'm so grateful for my very kind and TALENTED glam village. Fun does not require lots of money. Just great friends. Makeup mask: @andibeauty ; braids: bianca @behindthechair ; dress: Sophia a stylist @renttherunway ; jewelry derived from personal creativity expressed @amazon ; #hh2018ball ;#takecareofHarlem @blackpantherfly
( Swipe) 20 years ago the most impressive 20 something yr old I'd ever met walked into an apartment I shared with roommates. @shayswood had her own company, success and a plan. I remember being both proud of and inspired by her. I was always hard working but from her I realized I needed more focus and a vision. To be honored by her family today FOR taking care of Harlem is MORE MEANINGFUL than I can describe. I can't be their woman of the Year alone because @foodbank4nyc depends on MANY women as leaders. Im so glad to get to share tonight with the tribe im blessed to serve with. Thank you @haberdasherynyc for recognizing us. Thank you to my godson, sister friends of +20yrs, @gnylinks sister my board chair @hallenbiii for celebrating with me. Our love of Harlem is called #service . #hh2018ball #WOMENofTheYear #oneTeam #womenshistorymonth #AllIn @takecareofharlem #masqueradeBall #wakandaforever
Wanna eavesdrop? SWIPE--> My favorite thing to do @foodbank4nyc is to sit down with our subject matter experts to hear about data, generated solutions and process improvements. There's more trials and math than you probably expected. #foodNerds
#tbt to THIS MORNING and this week. SWIPE....Our clients lack many of the basics most of us take for granted.Join me for a walk around @foodbank4nyc warehouse for a glimpse at nontraditional yet necessary offerings. #baby #crutches #walkers #formula #vaporizers #familiesInShelters #domesticviolence #shelters #coffeeandjesus
Happy birthday to @foodbank4nyc favorite champion, our boards chair!!! Thank you for your constant service and leadership.
Today we received a WONDERFUL GIFT from a @foodbank4nyc donor for our #Woman2WomanNYC campaign. Thank you @cycleofdignity. We appreciate this!!! You can join us too at @katieleekitchen #tampons #girls #women #poverty #nyc
The expired and unimportant have only one move and its called the distraction. The most effective life skill one can have is to recognize and push beyond that trick. Your success and happiness depend on it! #keepPushing #stayFocused #changeStartsWithYou #theMeanAreMiserable #theMiserableAreMean #neitherMatters
More good times @sobewffest with @foodbank4nyc culinary council members @marcforgione @guarnaschelli and @mosdevonitely
Just a few fave moments at @sobewffest. So grateful to @leeschrager @katieleekitchen @chefjj @mosdevonitely @thefoodlegend @johnetrumble for helping us connect with our many NYC friends in Miami. We adore you. Another wonderful festival!!
All of us @foodbank4nyc wish a very happy birthday to this guy @kochbrady. Hoping you're having the MOST AWESOME SUPER HERO type of day!!!!
I woke up this morning with a single thought: how is my precious God daughter 7 whole years old?? Our girl is so special. She's a natural leader who is kind, intuitive and curious. She shares her joy for life with easy generosity and a smile that starts in her eyes and toes. I love her so much and am so grateful for this front row seat for this awesome girl child.
Up early....panicking while scrolling gowns ONLINE. We're being honored @haberdasherynyc @takecareofharlem #hh2018ball #harlemmasqueradeball . TRULY HONORED..yet dressless. Will be a fun night for a GREAT CAUSE. TICKETS ARE ONLINE
Dont spend a life worrying about what others think of you. Instead INVEST a moment or two in what you believe about yourself. Gods given you a perfectly made WINNER in You. Lose your mind Rooting for HER!!! #WisdomWednesday #Woman2WomanNYC
Greatness starts with gratitude for your life and Grace wished for others. Whats been awakened in our country wont be put to sleep. Feel JOY!!!! We're in a moment of stories being rewritten, lies being seen for what they are and voice being discovered by the voiceless. Don't waste time being threatened by others and participating in USELESS NARRATIVE. Change has already happened. Where it's going is already determined. BE THE best by wishing and helping CREATE the best for EVERYONE. Fare ye well. Fare ye WELL!!! Oh...and #wakandaforever #parkland
Mood when @foodbank_coo just told me we're closed on monday!!!!! Yaaaaaa #longWeekends #sleeping #moreBlackPanther #joyful
Today we kicked off #GALentinesday by celebrating all things sisterhood! I hope you'll join @foodbank4nyc board member @katieleekitchen in the launch and support of our #woman2womanNYC campaign. We're fighting hunger like women ensuring feminine care products are no longer missing from the shelves intended for the 1 million NY women and girls living in poverty!!!!! πŸ‘ˆ #Woman2WomanNYC photo by @melaniedunea
(Swipe) So how do you cancel out a bad case of #mardigras homesickness? You toss the beads at the ones you're with! We brought #Nawlins to the big Apple, serving a little fun from harlem to the financial district with lots of delish #kingcake from @sucreneworleans. #laissezlesbontempsrouler @foodbank4nyc
I always knew I was holding something SPECIAL. Yes everyone thinks that of theirs but I knew I WAS RIGHT. Of course special means NOTHING if you dont work. God gives us talent. It's our job to add the hustle, effort and FAITH. Muff, you have been through so much...which is NECESSARY for greatness. You've encountered hate, road blocks, wickedness, jealousy and self doubt and stepped over them like YOURE SUPPOSED TO. OUR #prettygranny can't tell you...but she's SO PROUD of you too Muff. Now let's show those folks in #LONDON how a #mississippiGirl gets down. #cheerioSnitches #MFAbaby #8SLOTSinTheWORLD #yeahWellTakeThat #andThat #dillardAlum #GRATEFUL2god #thankYouJESUS #fromShakeandBake2Shakespeare Did i mention I'm sooooo #PROUD YAAAAAASSSSS
In honor of #lundiGras , shrimp creole over rice using @emerils recipe...pretty much. So yummy. All steps on my story line for a few more hours.
This is the story for far too many Americans. As long as we're distracted by tactics to divide...this will continue. #copay #flu #death
Sometimes your greatest gift is a reminder to simply calm down, hide yo CRAZY and try again tomorrow. And i WILL try again tomorrow. Believe that. Grateful to have people willing to say...dont do that. Sometimes I listen. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
It's a great day @foodbank4nyc. In a world of talkers spending any time in the presence of heartfelt doers is a blessing. #grateful
Let's Go. A happy and productive week to you.
Today my dog uncle passed away. He was my #prettygrannys constant companion. My family is incredibly sad to lose our furry homey. Rest in peace sweet PINTO bean. #goodDoggy #dogsAreFamilyToo #hiPawKookah4me #goodLife
One of the highlights of my week @foodbank4nyc was watching Hastings be welcomed into the brotherhood of management for our warehouse team. Hastings started as a temp many years ago and each of these men started their journey of employment on the same day. Super proud of our many hard workers. Congrats to all.
Last week fundraising leads @ftezen @erinhill0551 out with #flu . This week @foodbank_coo , IT lead and my asst out. It takes BOTH dancers to express my current #mood . Its #friyay and I made it!!!! The FLU didn't get me and the COOs job didn't kill me...COMPLETELY. apologies to my liver....I love you and appreciate you.
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