A group of wandering millennials out to discover an authentic global community, story telling ramblers, & the new-good-ol-days. #liveauthentic ya’ll!

today we’re on yet another road trip up to the mighty northeast. excited for another adventure, but wishing we could take @milliethegolden along for the ride! ⛰✨ #liveauthentic
@thejeffrose is one of my favorites. That’s it. That’s all. Continue on with your day. 😀
@b3njamin was one of the very first accounts I followed back in the day when this crazy little app was driven by community and really epic content creation. Back before it was all influencer driven and sponsored everything and back when community was built from the idea of being like minded creatives rather than following lustable bikini, speedo, and duck lipped moments. I miss the pre #lipkit days. I get so giddy whenever I see images by @b3njamin or @jaredetheridge or @jmetheridge or @calebjordanlee or @Nathan omalley or @beausimmons come across my feed. I will eternally dream of being cool like @thesamgraves or @jontaylorsweet or @johnrandolphhh or @tifforelie. I’m nostalgic for the days of meet-ups and Instagram branded calendars and little kits sent out by Jeffrey to the communities of “instagrammers” to further build that community. Were we all just part of a marketing machine so that Facebook would buy it all, of was that magic real for a few fleeting moments? #liveauthentic
What are your favorite flavors of summer? Is it triggered by memories of running through gardens as a child? Is it images of fishing in the early morning hours? Is it sitting in a swing out in the side yard snapping beans with your aunt? The taste of fresh sweet corn from the local farm stand? The perfect combination of cucumbers, vinegar, and onions? Perhaps it’s dreams of sipping sweet southern iced tea on a wide front porch with your grandmother? Summer feels like a season of nostalgia. I find myself watching Steel Magnolias and Fried Green Tomatoes on an endless repeat. || Photo by @thatbloom #liveauthentic #livefolk
Tag someone you want to take a journey with. Photos by @felixsjodahl #liveauthentic
Sometimes there are spots in the American landscape that just really make you step back and This is one of those spots. Photo from Utah by @zwiegs #liveauthentic
The American landscape is as diverse as the American people. We are a nation built on the ideas of ingenuity, determination, and creativity. We are a republic of rebels, of creatives, of individual spirts, and wanderlust souls that have come together as one to build an empire for all. A place where everyone, no matter how different or diverse they are, are allowed to belong, to prosper, and to grow. We are a tapestry woven of millions of individual threads, stories, and roots. Brilliant colors blending together to create a mighty nation of one. Today we remember that, today we celebrate that, and today we aspire to spend every day making a better home for all. || Photo by @scotthwilson
yesterday we got lost in a field of puppies, today we wanna explore the wild with this doggo from @mycaninelife 😍😍😍 such a cutie - send us a photo of you exploring this vast earth with your pup (or pups) and maybe we’ll post it! 😉🐶 #liveauthentic
Is it time to get lost in a field of puppies with @zachallia ? #liveauthentic
They say it’s gonna be over 100 degrees today across much of the country. Wherever your hikes or journeys or boats may take you today, stay cool and hydrated. || These two I took in the PNW back in the late winter.
off to sleep and wishing this incredible view from @nicholasroemmelt was outside our window tonight! 🌌⛰✨#liveauthentic
So obsessed with this golden Icelandic light. Photo by @chadtorkelsen #liveauthentic #iceland #inspiredbyiceland
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