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Mother on a Mission 💗 I wasn’t born to be average 💎 For things to change, you must change 🙌🏼 1st time Bikini Fitness Competitor #followmyjourney 👙

Love working along side these beautiful women 💗
Always a student, never a master. Keep moving forward 👩🏻‍💻
I get to go to bed with my heart full ♥️ What an honour to be able to share my story with this amazing team. Thanks guys for having me. 🙌🏼☺️
Such a pleasure spending time with Miah this morning. She’s excited to get started on her nutrition program. I can’t wait to see her progress. Go check out my stories to see her reaction while trying a shake 🤩😝
Is it easy? NOPE Is it worth it? HECK YEAH
Amazing business meeting with this beauty. Surround yourself with greatness 💎
Eating sexy food helps me stay sexy 😝
I met @steffyget_fit a years ago through cheer and a few months ago she decided to join our team. You know when it just clicks with someone?! Like you feel you’ve known them forever! Well that’s exactly how it is with Stef. The coolest part is that we are business partners, workout buddies and she’s like a sister to me. Love you girl!!! Follow her journey! She’ll blow your mind away 💎😘
Challenge yourself... every day!!!
If it were easy, everyone would do it. Embrace the pain, it raises your game!
I just can’t 🤩 Look at their faces, they’re so freaking cute ❤️ It’s like they got caught eating their ice cream (while I was drooling of course 🤤). #bikinifitness #temptation #thestruggleisreal #icecream
I refuse to settle for an average life. It’s just not good enough for me 💎
So what do you guys actually think? Everyone sees the resemblance but I don’t. Comment below whether you think or not we look alike ⬇️ #celebrity #lookalike #twinningthursday #thick
#1 rule in life!!! Don’t forget to have fun along the way 💃🏽 #dance
➡️ You won’t get the butt you want by sitting on it!!! . You’re in luck, it’s Thursday and it’s Build a Bigger Booty Day 🍑 . Tonight at 7pm, be me guest and come workout with me - DM me for address 📥
Sometimes a girl has to switch up her sneakers for some heels!
Workouts are a real breeze compared to posing sessions. I see improvement after my 3rd session, but man I have a long way to go. This ish is no joke 🤨
Putting in work to get the results I want!!!
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