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Hey guys! I hope you all are having an amazing day! Check out my previous post for a bomb shoulders workout if you haven’t already! . Let me know in the comments below which of my workouts you like the most! 🧐🤓 . Also, if you ever feel lost at the gym - you need to check out my fitness program! You have 6 different goals to chose from and new workout schedule every week! It’s less than $10 a months and you get first 7 days free, so definitely check it out! Link in bio💗
Hey guys! I’m here with another bomb shoulders workout for y’all! Save and tag your friends! 1. Military press - 45lbs (5x10) 2. Behind the neck military press - 45lbs (4x8) 3. Upright row - 50lbs (4x10) 4. Single arm shoulder press with hold - (4x8 each arm) 5. Plate front raises - 25lbs (4x10) 6. Lateral raises -15lbs (4x8) 7. Cable rear delts row - 42.5lbs (4x10) . Try it out and leave your feedback! Love sharing all my workouts with you and appreciate all your comments 💓 . Subscribe to my website and start transforming your body! 6 different workout calendars available! Link in bio ❤️ . Wearing @gymshark 💗
Happy Monday Fam❤️ Today I did a great lower body workout 🍑 Save and tag your friends 🙌🏻 1. Split squats with barbell between legs - 40lbs (5x10 each leg) 2. Single leg stiff legged deadlift - 40lbs (4x10 each leg) 3. Side step into squat - 40lbs (3x10 each leg) 4. Barbell squats with pulses - 75lbs (5x8) 5. Barbell stuff legged deadlift - 95lbs (5x10) 6. Hip thrusts - 135lbs (5x10) . Let me know if you will try this out and leave your feedback 😊 . New workout schedule on my website went live yesterday! If you don’t have an account - subscribe and start your free trial! Link in bio❤️
Happy Saturday Fam🙏🏻 I just finished my arms workout and it was sooo good! I will post it in my stories soon! 👀 . And love how my abs are popping💪🏻 As always I’m with my @womensbest Bcaa’s and cola is my fave flavor! Use code “Fitwithiulia10” so save some $$ off! Let me know if you have any questions about their products! . New workout schedule on my website will be live tomorrow! And next week will be fun 😝 Subscribe and start transforming your body 🙏🏻 Link in bio
Happy Thursday Fam💪🏻😍 I’m here to share with you an awesome back workout! 1. Landmine row - 75lbs plus barbell (4x8) 2. Deadlifts - 135lbs (5x8) 3. Lat pulldowns - 70lbs (4x12) 4. V grip lat pulldowns - 70lbs (4x10) 5. Single arm hammer strength row machine - 55lbs on each side (4x8 each arm) 6. Lying on the bench dumbbell rows - 25lbs (4x10) This workout was killer and you def need to try it out! Tag some friends and save this one! Leave your feedback because I always live to read your comments💓 . If you don’t know how to plan your workouts, subscribe to my website and start transforming your body 💪🏻 Link in bio❤️ . Wearing energy seamless taupe set from @gymshark
Hey guys! Happy Tuesday! So you might know that I’m on Keto diet right now and it’s been 2 weeks, so I thought I would give you a quick update on my progress. . I’m only 0.5lb down in weight, and I’m so glad to know that weight is just a number 😅 Size: 0.5inch down in waist and 0.5inch down in thighs. . So this doesn’t sound like a lot of progress, however, visually you can see the difference and I like the result so far. . I will continue with the Keto diet and I’ll reduce my carbs intake to around 30g per day. Will do this for another two weeks and will see where it will get me:) . Question to you - what is your current fitness goal? I’m curious so please comment below. Questions? Ask below and I will be responding to all of you guys 💓 . Follow my workouts (Link in Bio)
Happy Monday Fam💙 Today I’m here to share an awesome arms workout that I did last Friday 🙌🏻 1. Barbell curls - 50lbs (4x6) 2. Bent over triceps kickbacks - 15lbs (4x10) 3. Cross body alternative hammer curls - 25lbs 4x10 each arm) 4. Overhear dumbbell triceps extensions - 30lbs (4x8) 5. Single arm Preacher hammer curls - 20lbs (4x10) 6. Cable rope triceps pushdown - 30lbs (4x10) 7. Cable rope biceps curls - 30lbs (4x8) 8. Cable overhead triceps extensions - 20lbs (4x12) . Make sure you tag some friends and save this workout! Definitely give it a try and leave your feedback! . New workout schedule on my website went live yesterday! Subscribe and start your free trial today! . And this outfit omg 💙 @gymshark @gymsharkwomen
Happy Friday Fam🙏🏻 I’m here with a killer lower body workout for you! Defiantly give it a try and tag some friends! 1. Single leg hip thrust with band (that band is my sample, but you can get similar ones on Amazon!) - 3x12 each leg 2. Bulgarian split squats - 30lbs (4x10 each leg) 3. Reverse squats on hack squat machine - 45lbs on each side (4x12) 4. Good mornings (hack squat machine) - 45lbs on each side (4x10) 5. Cable squats with pulses - 50lbs (4x10) 6. Cable glute pull through - 50lbs (4x12) 7. Superset. Goblet squats and stiff legged deadlift - 35lbs (4x10 each exercises) 8. Jump squats - 3x20 9. Jumping lunges - 3x30 Last 2 exercises were my finishers and I also did incline walking for 20 mins after this🔥🔥 Leave your comments guys! And let me know if you will try it out! . Subscribe to my website and start transforming your body! Link in bio💙 . Outfit - @gymshark
Happy Independence Day, America! I’m so happy to call this country my home! Moved here in 2011 when I was 18 years old and there’s no place I rather be! 🇺🇸 . Trained legs today, you can watch my workout in my stories. Also, going slightly off my diet today to enjoy some food with friends and family 🌽🥩🍺 . Follow my fitness program! Try 7 days FREE! Link in bio
Happy Monday Fam❤️ Bomb shoulders workout for y’all and you better try it out! You will thank me later, I promise 😝 1. Single arm Dumbbell shoulder press with hold - 25lbs (4x8 each arm) 2. Leaning lat raises - 10lbs (4x12 each arm) 3. Single arm Dumbbell upright row with hold - 20lbs (4x10 each arm). Finish with both arms for 5-8 reps. 4. Single arm front raises with hold - 5lbs (4x12 each arm) 5. Behind the neck military press - 45lbs (4x10) 6. Superset! Cable front raises (15lb) to upright row (30lbs) - 4x8 each 7. Around the world - 5lbs (4x12) . Tag your friends and leave your comments! I hope you are having an amazing day so far! Love you all💓 Wearing all @gymshark . New workout schedule on my website is live! Go and check it out! If you don’t have an account, go subscribe and start your 7 days free trial! Link in bio❤️ . #gymshark #bodybuilding
Happy Saturday guys! I hope you all are having an amazing weekend so far! I killer my shoulders today and will post a video on Monday! Be prepared because it’s a good one 🔥 . And of course I’m always flexing and I’m with my @womensbest Bcaa’s 😋 Use code “Fitwithiulia10” for a discount👌🏻 And ask me any questions, if you have any☺️ . Transform your body 💪🏻 Link in bio💕
Chest workout from yesterday💪🏻 1. Landmine chest press - 20lbs plus barbell (4x10) 2. Bench press - 85lbs (4x6) 3. Plate squeeze press - 10lbs (4x12) 4. Plate squeeze press - 20lbs (4x10) 5. Dumbbell flyes - 15lbs (4x10) 6. Dumbbell chest press (2 arms, right arm and left arm - that’s one rep) - 4x8 . Don’t forget to train your chest girls! Wearing all @gymshark 💓 . I will be working on the new schedules for my website today and it will live tomorrow! Subscribe and start your 7 days free trial! Link in bio❤️ . #bodybuilding #gymshark
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