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Jack liked x11😭 🍀Please read the highlight🍀 60% of my posts are about Fack🙃 Also memes and edits of It💕

Listen closely, after Richies “nerd alert” joke you can hear Jack laughed a little😌💓 Thanks to Ori djdjkssn
Finn is me, watching my friends having fun together, while I’m there watching them (also I’m starting to ship Nillie kdkdkd)
Well I see smth😏💗
I’m actually in tears this is so good @celestiql.mp4 😭🤧💞
Okay, enough of drama for today, enjoy this edit of Sophia just cuz I love her and she is a stunning queen💗💖💕 P.S Cr: @upside.mp4
Oof it’s so nice to get something of the chest💖 P.S Cr: @f.nnswlfhrd
Okay I’m about to rant so here so go, hope u understand coz when I’m mad I type fast and make mistakes👌🏻. Some people really need to grow up. I love this fandom with all my heart, but the amount of people, who don’t have a sense of humor or just hate everything that is connected to sex, is increasing. Okay I get it, you are uncomfortable with the topic of sex, sexual orientation and other stuff, but that doesn’t give you the right to hate on someone who is open about it. I bet you wouldn’t even care if someone from your school made a sex joke. Then what’s the problem with us making jokes (and not only jokes but edits too) about actors? They are absolutely like us, just famous. They are teenage boys, just like boys from your school. And if we “””sexualize””” boys from our school, then we can “””sexualize””” them too. I just don’t get it. There is nothing wrong with that. ESPECIALLY IF U R THE SAME AGE AS THEM. Okay maybe 28 year old people, that’s a bit too much, but if u r 14, 15 or even 17..? And plus if u think that’s sex is a sin, then u probably aren’t even allowed to have Instagram, coz u r too young. So before u tell me, and other people, in the comments “EeEww THaTs SeXUalIzIng, THEy ArE BoYs” think: would u say that to ur friends who do the same shit at school?
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