Erik Umphery

Bmore raised...became a man in Atl...spreading my wings in LA Blessed, thankful & working hard everyday to continue on this journey Husband + Father

B+W Days with @saintsinnaaa
Excited about my latest episode of #CreativesTalk with @eltonandersonjr I have know L10 for yrs and he’s been the friend the continues to inspire and push me personally and professionally. Check out the full episode link in my bio special thx to @lorenejanae for creating this video
Such a full circle moment shoot the artwork for #werethecampbells @imericacampbell + @warryncampbell for @tvonetv when I first moved to LA some of my first jobs were shooting BTS for #ericacampbell music videos now 7 yrs later I’m shooting the key art for their new show. #blessed #shotbyerik
Man @cp3 was lights out tonight. Congrats, enjoy the moment. Amazing to see how lethal #cp3 is when he’s healthy. 41pts 10ast 7reb, Big shots over and over when @houstonrockets needed it and ZERO Turnovers #shotbyerik #chrispaul #houstonrockets #nba #playoffs
Some how your kids always have a way of saying the right thing when you need to hear it. And Chase had me chocked up when he said that he prayed for @courtnee19 and I
Thank you @kenyab_in_imax3d for creating @blackishabc and continuing to push it to drive real conversations in our homes. Honor to have shot you for @the_blackhouse #shotbyerik #swipeleft #tbt
“You gotta keep choosing each other.” Loved watching the last two episodes of @blackishabc salute to @traceeellisross + @anthonyanderson for showing the ups and downs a marriage will be tested with. #tbt #shotbyerik
Couldn’t be more excited to share this amazing interview I had with my friend, mentor and incredibly talented director @mothedirector for #CreativesTalk Mo continues to inspire me through the work he creates and the industry norms he defies. Link in my bio to listen to full interview
Excited about seeing the season finale of #unsolvedusa with @joshduhamel + @jimmisimpson congrats. Shot for @the_blackhouse #swipeleft #shotbyerik
@shinybootz continues to create and produce amazing work. Can’t wait to see the season finale of #unsolvedusa tonight #tupacandbiggie shot for @the_blackhouse #shotbyerik
Trained hard this summer for these moments @demar_derozan #comp10 #the6ix #raptors #shotbyerik
“What’s it to gain the world if you not standing for shit” - TI aka The People. A really dope experience to shoot @troubleman31 From being in Atl rocking #TrapMuzik and #ImSerious to shooting the artwork for #ti new show on @bet #grandhustle just speaks to the grace God has over my life. I would have never thought any of this would have happened in the time it has but walking in my purpose truly has shown me that faith, patience and hard work will take you places you couldn’t imagine yourself.
Really blessed to be able to share my story with @josephinekime for #theJoShow I know none of this would be possible in my life without all the incredible people who have poured into me. I feel humbled and truly believe this is only the beginning of a long journey ahead. And I hope I’m able to pour into others more than that has been poured into me. You can check out the full interview at the link is also in my bio #blessed #thankful #onebrickatatime
The Umpherys @courtnee19
You’re the sunshine on my life @courtnee19 can’t believe it’s already been one month since we committed our lives to one another. #TheBestPartOfMe #TheUmpherys #EstablishedMarch16th2018 #swipeleft
I love everything about this photo of one of Chicago’s brightest stars @lenawaithe Seeing her light shine gives others the permission to do the same - MarianneW shot for @the_blackhouse #rememberme #shotbyerik
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