Erin Allen

Everyone's favorite furniture

This Sunday at @econojamrecords ! 6pm closes the artist show entitled "For Serious Viewers Only // NRML HRS pt.2" you are invited to come and look at me or my drawings. Be aware of constant updates between now and then
Pearl Jam wrote a song called Spin The Black Circle... about the rituals around vinyl listening.... I would like to say that there are similar rituals with at least other physical mediums like the compact disc. Here I mistakenly played Sound Garden's first E.P. when I really was intending to listen to some sick beats by Child Pornography....unreleased!
Lil Frens
Uh poi poi
We are live
Tune into KALX 90.7 FM or stream us o line were going live!!!!!
Looking for decaf yo
Gonna have a hella cheap shirt blow out sale @ the hole tonite. Come to the show!
XL 15 shipped to you. PayPal with description
Come tok our Yard Sale @ 10th between 8th Ave and Park . Most shit is free other things are sooo cheap
Nugs MED. 15 bux shipped to you. PayPal with description
Flipper, Med. Gucci, Med & LG, Nirvana Med, Nugs LG & Violence Creeps SM. 15 bux individually, shipped to you. PayPal with description to
Yard Sale Prep
Come to Huffin tomorrow morning 10th at 8th
New shit coming soon
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