eníĸo • нarт 💋

ĸeep riѕinɢ,✨ĸeep livinɢ,💃🏽& ĸeep lovinɢ!♥ iғ iт'ѕ ɢood,iт'ѕ wonderғul! iғ iт'ѕ вad,iт'ѕ eхperience!no reɢreтѕ!👑♌️ 👻◂eniĸoвaвч

#MommyToBe 🤰🏽 #MondayMotivation 💪🏽 #36weeksAndCounting 👶🏽 Zo loves it! he be in there just kicking away. lol 😉
sunday brunchin’🤰🏽 time to feed my little man. 🖤 happy sunday 💋
dear kenzo, i love you like xo .💫♥️
p u r e • b l i s s ♥
this one is all abt baby girl , she’s always by my side. i couldn’t even take a photo w/o her slaying it, I guess she found her light! Hahah.. idk what’s going to happen when Zo gets here. #jealousjanet 😂 Miss Roxy 💕
my mom wanted a pic of the bump this morning so I gave it to her. 🤰🏽 I look exactly like my bitmoji rt now. 😝 Yup. We’re still baking over here. 👼🏽 #36weeksandcounting 👣
Good Morning. 😊🙏🏽☀️
#fbf ⚡️ come on snap back. I’m coming for you and then some! 👊🏽 #justalittlereminderincaseyouforgot 💁🏽 #ZosMama 💙😝
• G L A M ☆ makeup | @makeupari_ 💄 hair | @hair4kicks 💇🏽 styled by | @jasonbolden 👗
w c w 💕 @suzannedelawar thx you for capturing such beautiful candid moments!
• cousin 🇨🇳 love 🇯🇲 all smiles for baby Zo 👶🏽 hey ma ☺️ x o. 💙
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