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I heard this song on radio, cool Fm specifically, and I literally had to buzz @taymib on whatsapp to give me the details. Since then I have been "kpanlad" on the song! Too unique..too sweet!! I just had to share it.. If you know the guy pls tell him to keep it coming..and not trade this uniqueness in his sound for anything o abeg. NB: I don't even know him but his works speak for him. 👏👏👏 His name is Jinmi Abduls
So this is what my wife (@yetundevlogs ) does every night before she puts our daughter to bed. When I try to compare this with my childhood my retentive memory just dey indicate ERROR! ERROR!! ERROR!!!😂😂😂 __________ FULL VIDEO LINK IN @yetundevlogs bio
Meet my new character- "The Off-beat guy" ______ Tag someone you know that dances offbbeat 😂 ...erm bros @walegates how your side na 😂😂😂 ______________________________________________________________________________ #ohemgeesundayhymnsyoruba Full video link in my bio
Our hymns are back!!! #OhEmGeeSundayHymnsYoruba Ep 10. Full video link in my bio.
Remember these tunes? Although dem just dey sound like nollywood soundtrack for my hand 😂 NB: Dem small small children won't know number 2 😂
@ddavidshoes your works are impeccable!
Tag someone who needs to see this. Regrann from @theakinfolarin - Sticks and stones can break our bones but words can break our hearts. Choose your words wisely! #TheAkinfolarin - #regrann
Just had to post this again. For you to have been born (either naturally or through CS or even Artificial insemination), you are definitely unique. If you don't believe oya go and find someone else that has the same exact lines on your palm 😉 You are the only and best ever possible version of you! No further updates available..You are the "updatedest". ______ Full video link in my bio
Did this work for them or nah? Share your views. My view: Acknowledging GOD catalyses your WORK. Hence PRAYER and WORK go hand in hand. Happy Sunday. ______
So I saw my wife's #InMyFeelings video and I was just plain jealous that she was dancing to another man's love song 😂😂😂 Hence I put my twist on it! #OhEmGeeByForceCollabo #inmyfeelings #inmyfeelingschallenge #dotheshiggy #TungbaIsLife Cc @yetundevlogs 🙄😋🤣😍😘❤
#TungbaIsLife Meanwhile I love you @yetundevlogs
I'm the best version of me🙌🕺🕺🕺 ____ Full video link in my bio .ft @slashazhandle @bankemusic @kehney_rae and @thaiwoooh
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