emily kate shaddox.

☆(❁‿❁)☆ on jupiter •• UARK21 ART ••

forever immune
can't get no good reaction
crushing hard this year! {*~^_^~*}
being an art major means the only person I have time to socialize with is myself and nick's middle finger shadow so I have to be my own model and thus my feed is boring and narcissistic! how annoying that i'm commenting on the visual pleasure status of my social media feed! #girlgaze
it's the sweetest thing #girlgaze
slap yo grandma! #girlgaze
find us
friyay feelz
guess who
all my life I wanted to be somebody and here I am!
pretending to smoke your assignment sheets is the monday mood #savagemode #relatable #lol #gotchateech #girlgaze #girlgaze #girlgaze
when it all becomes a blur
see yourself in every little thing we r all one, can't u see
Mood 4 my weekend starting 2morrow
hey look at me babe i got a better view #girlgaze
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