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When in doubt, take the long way home 📍: Newport Beach, CA

This past holiday weekend, I set out to explore all the unmarked roads I’d passed on previous trips, wondering what hidden treasures I’d absentmindedly driven past while chasing more “instagram-worthy” locations. Seven hours into the drive, I realized I was yet to speak and decided to see if I could maintain that silence for the entirety of the trip; like some kind of exercise in coming to peace with one’s self. Here’s what I found: after a day, you start to almost fear the sound of your own voice, afraid that its presence means abject failure. So that’s healthy. That and there was this creeping feeling that I was going to fuck it up in some unceremonious way, like subconsciously singing along with Gucci Gang; basically the equivalent of saving yourself for marriage only to squander it on a drunken one night stand. But it finally happened, nearly 60 hours into my weekend of silence, only punctuated by my near constant sniffling and a few awkward stareoffs with gas station attendants, I turned the corner to find this immense alien wall towering above me just as the sky was starting to light up, the frigid air creating this insane pink alpenglow that faded down into the purple dirt below. Without thinking, I shouted at near-maximum volume: “no fucking way!” Not quite as eloquent as I was hoping the climax of my experiment would be but to be honest, I don’t hate it.
Once in a blue super blood moon... For as fascinated as I am by space and its endless mysteries, I’ve never been one to freak out over celestial events. Damn, I’ve been missing out. (Cheers to @tylerjhubbell for agreeing to come on this ridiculously last minute adventure and sniping this absolute banger. Couldn’t ask for a better collaborative partner/adventure buddy/cosmos ponderer.) . . . . #supermoon #earth_shotz #wondermore #awakethesoul #earthoutdoors10k #worldprime #artofvisuals #allaboutadventures #awesome_earthpix #idratherbeinnature #liveauthentic #getoutstayout #global_exposures #lifeofadventure #lostfam #agameof10k #stayandwander #awesupply #beautifuldestinations #passionpassport #theIMAGED #depthsofearth #ourplanetdaily #createcommune #theoutbound #eclectic_shotz #exploreourearth #liveoutdoors #instagood10k #moodygrams
This is probably my favorite picture from our last minute sunrise Half Dome send back in September. It’s also my only picture because I spent the rest of the time hanging over the 4000 foot cliff throwing up from altitude sickness. Anyways, 10/10 would do again.
A few months back @rynotime suggested I fly out to meet up with him in Hawaii for a quick weekend. 24 hours later we were wearing our AirBnb's bed sheets as togas in Surfer Bar. Life needs more adventures like this.
And to think, a river did all this... (high five to anyone who can spot me hanging out on the edge of the cliff 👋🏼)
It's amazing what you find when you're not looking for anything at all
Well my mom follows me on Instagram now so I feel like this one requires the obligatory "sorry Mom" 😬
One minute you were here and now you're gone. I'd miss you even if I didn't love you. And I loved the fuck out of you...
Another Thanksgiving spent in this magical place with family and friends. Only 360 days left to figure out what I'm going to say when we go around the table saying what we're thankful for next year..already freaking out.
On one hand, the rain made the already colorful fall foliage just that much more vibrant. On the other, rain is still rain and we were soaking wet all weekend.
Scrambling frantically up the slickrock trail as I raced the night chasing the sun from the sky, I reached the crest only to find this gorgeous engagement shoot unfolding as the sky lit up in the background; if not fate at a place named Cathedral Rock, then serendipity at the very least. I sat silently with a few other hikers lucky enough to admire the scene before us, the sunset lasting just a bit longer than normal, as if nature was wishing the lovers well in its own unique way. At one point the photographer asked the couple if they could move closer to the edge... "Promise you'll hold on?" she looked back and asked. "Always" he replied.
Don't let someone find you until you find yourself... . A bit of a personal message: this moment was captured a year ago to the day. It's the first picture I was ever truly proud of and is probably still my favorite photograph I've ever taken. It's far from technically perfect, but it represents the first time I envisioned something and was able to recreate that vision as it existed in my mind. But in the year since, I've ended up putting it on a pedestal, never confident that my fledgling editing aptitude would do the image - and my fragile pride - justice. In this time, I've probably revisited this image over 50 times, tinkering here, adjusting there, forever chasing a moving finish line, never satisfied as I juxtaposed my own abilities to those of others that I often admire through this little electronic window to the world. But it's only recently I've come to realize that it's okay; that progress, while often happening slower than we'd like, is a reflection of dedication and is worth celebrating, even when small and especially when hard-fought. I'm still not 100% happy with this edit, and I probably won't ever be, but for the first time, I'm completely okay with that. I hope I forever hold myself to an increasingly higher standard and I hope I never cross that finish line, because then what else is there to chase. Here's to another year of trial, process, and adventure. Thanks for following along 🙏🏼
Even with my eyes closed, you still look perfect to me
Enjoy the little things in life because one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things
Wherever you are, make sure you're there
In dust we trust ✨🔥🖤
If you are not too long, I'll wait here for you all my life 🖤
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