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Let me start my review by saying thank you to Justin, the owner of @finesthour_llc for pushing me to attend this class. I wanted to actually be confident using the items in my IFAK and tourniquets. As well as getting to know more about in the field treatment. Obviously I shoot a ton and will be traveling a ton for shooting so I think it’s important. The class was extremely thorough with a bunch of hands on. We also got qualified in CPR and AED. Justin has been a SWAT medic for 4 years and worked EMS for the last 15. He’s also a NRA/MCRGO/TCCC instructor amongst other things. So the information was coming from a solid source. We learned about field dressing, packing wounds, and many styles tourniquet use and applications. Very well articulated info for any beginner like myself. Nothing beats hands on. I think the reps with applying tourniquets was my favorite part. He offers these classes throughout the year. It went from 9-5. I think medical is just like shooting. One class is not enough, but it was a very informative start. It’s stuff that may literally save your or someone else’s life. When it comes to blood loss. Time is everything. If you’re in Michigan. Checkout @finesthour_llc for medical or CPL classes and thanks @whtactical for the kit and @lunarconcepts for the tourniquet carrier.
Crazy how spoiled we are with modern firearms. This old Walther P38 is bulky and hard to grip. Also doesn’t like to eat 115 grain. Trigger is very nice though #gun #guns #antique #pistol #pistols #walther #ww2 #history #shootingguns #america #gunlife #pewpew #ammo #military #instagood #gopro
I have spent a lot of time with the @tatargets family. They are the most genuine and hard working group of people. I am happy to share/shoot their amazing products. It’s the only discount code you’ll see me sharing. The Duel Falling Tree is amazing. Even better when you get to beat one of the owners @keystonecarry. “Embracetherecoil” saves you on everything. @tacticalfrontiersman @kirbysensenig #guns #gun #pistol #pistols #letfreedomring #tatargets #glock #glock19 #tbt
It’s a great week when you can meet about 20 people you’ve been following for years all at one time. Great shooters, kind people, businessmen / woman. Thank you all for giving me some of your time this week. I couldn’t give AF about celebrities but these are people I look up too (well down to all of them but @t1cs and @aaronsizzle ) but you get it😂 The one pic is two of my trolls that turned out to not be huge pussies in real life. So I’ve been wrong this whole time. Nice guys.
So I bought this camper van today. The plan is to pack up the dog, take trips all over the states this year. Shooting, hiking, working and meeting new people! Where should Murf and I go? We will be taking day trips, week trips, and maybe month trips. Who should we shoot with? #vanlife #adventure #shooting #guns #vanlifers #travel #glock #gun #rv #rvlife #grandrapids #michigan
I’m honored you guys ask me about my opinion on holsters but my honest opinion is this. There is no perfect holster. I’m lucky that I get to try out a lot of different kinds, but you gotta find what works for you, your body type, and your lifestyle. Chances are it won’t just be one holster. See you guys at Shot! Please come say hi! I’d be honored to talk to any and all of you! #gun #guns #holster #holsters #pistol #pistols #shootingguns #grandrapids #michigan #kydek #blessed #america #glock #glock19 @tier1concealed @glockinc @lunarconcepts. I am not sponsored by any holster company. It’s all honest use.
What holster do you use? what position do you carry? Why? Let’s start a thread that may help some people! I use @veilsolutions for 3-4 in the winter @trexarms Ragnarok for OWB range stuff and will be using @tier1concealed AGIS when and if I go back to appendix. #gun #holsters #cpl #ccw
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