I hate this job

Beautiful friends beautiful work @beccavank
As she keeps growing!
Very excited to be a part of this show with some very talented people !! Come friends and foes to @kimberlyklarkforever feb 24th to see my work along with @morganmandalay @xelaflactem and Ross Simonini !!! It will be edifying
François Joseph Navez
Happy birthday to this bebe !!! Praying no hangover will touch u this weekend! My best friend and favorite weirdo - I love u 💖
My fave just a reminder to u all that death is a necessary aspect of this state of affairs
HPD to this very important person that taught me a lot about myself and helped birth a community that switched a wing to swim in any storm @gold_ovaries
“Willing to kill for what I’m ready to die for”
He’s on to something
Tiny heaven @ragganyc
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