There’s nothing stronger than a broken woman that has rebuilt herself.

Best work out ever - El mejor ejercicio
I don’t personally know her, but I know what a friend in need is, so If you feeling like helping out today to save someone’s life. Please donate. Or share her story to spread awareness and help her get all the help she needs. I know in these cases anything helps❤️ #Repost @rosabiancasalazar ・・・ Angela Trimbur is the most special human being. I lover her very much. Cant say it’s always been perfect, we’ve had a very typical marriage with ups and downs, falling in love and falling out... Angela calls it “The journey of deep, hard friendship.” One year for Christmas she gifted me a mug which had that slogan and a photo of us emblazoned on it. I love that fucking mug. And now Angela is goin through a different kind of deep, hard journey—cancer—and she deserves all the help she can get. Although the “goal” has been met, cancer treatment is wildly expensive in the United States (on average $160K). Chemo therapy, MRIs, biopsies, medications, doctor visits, hospitalization, convalescence etc., the bills will keep coming for months/years. The cost of emotional pain is immeasurable, trust me, I watched my dad go through it. Let’s make it as easy as possible for Angela Trimbur as she braves yet another obstacle the she always does- with a completely open heart. Link in bio.
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Couldn’t been more perfect. I love you both so much. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Khoury!! @paulkhoury @ashleygreene ❤️
Te amo México. Incondicionalmente 🇲🇽❤️
Feel comfortable in your own skin. No one can take that away from you ❤️
Celebrating the 25th anniversary of a classic baseball movie in my The Sandlot Dodgers one of my favorites! @neweracap “YOU’RE KILLING ME SMALLS!’’
💥BOOM @samheughan I didn’t come to play!! prep for BLOODSHOT gotta catch up with @vindiesel thanks @nike for letting me train at your HQ gym 💪🏽
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