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Travel blogger with a passion for photography, writing my thoughts, singing, and really strong coffee 👩🏼‍⚖️🌎✈️☕️ Effortlyss@gmail.com 📍 ITALY 🇮🇹

There is really nothing like Venice...🛶✨ — I always get asked in my messages about how I’m able to afford all of this traveling. I didn’t grow up wealthy. There is no short answer to this question so I’ll try to simplify it here. I initially used all of my savings from my childhood to invest in my first social media brand, which was a fitness brand. All of my birthday and holiday $, as well as working at an ice cream shop and as a hostess, allowed me to save $. When college came around, I worked extra hard in school that I was able to receive scholarship $ to pay for my tuition. Then, I started selling my own fitness guides which helped pay for my additional school costs & I used the rest to invest back into social media. Eventually, I made enough $ from my guides to be able to start traveling and I slowly turned into a travel brand. As I kept posting more high quality content, I started to ask brands for partnerships and brands started reaching out to me as well. After 6 years of persistence and hard work, I am fortunate enough to be able to work with some of the top brands in the world and create content for them. These brands pay me to advertise in my own creative unique way, and I only work with ones that I truly love. — The truth about living this life is that it’s not luck or inheritance 99% of the time, it’s hard work! And time. And patience. And most importantly passion. If you’re not passionate about it, the persistence won’t last. I hope this clarifies the whole “how can you afford” question 😌✌🏽💕
Paris kept me constantly on the move while I was visiting!!!! 💃🏼 It is just such a vibrant, bustling city with thousands of incredible people and things to do. Before I go out to explore in the morning, I use my @tresemme MicroMist hairspray to smooth down my hair for photo shoots, while keeping it super wavy and filllled with volume. I feel ready to take on the world now, brb ✌🏽😁✈️ #TresPartner #Paris
Lake Como at sunrise is the most stunning thing I’ve ever seen... ❤️
We all have those moments where we just can’t stop smiling 😁 Paris has been such an amazing stop on our #Eurotrip . We explored every possible corner of this magical place while we were here — finding the cutest vegan smoothie place where the girl who worked there followed me (so nice to meet you!!), running through colorful streets taking photos of the Eiffel, discovering undercover bars with friends, seeing the city from the best rooftops, and most importantly, meeting so many of you amazing souls (in London too!) — The best part is we are just getting started! Now off to the breathtaking #ITALY for some more incredible summer adventures!!!! 🇮🇹✌🏽 I am 100% Italian and I know a little bit of the language already, and it’s been such a dream of mine to visit my roots!!! 😍😍 — Tag someone you’d come to #Paris with! Use #Effortlyss so I can see your beautiful travel content ❤️✈️
Paris, you have fulfilled my dreams!!!! Where are you from? ❤️ Comment your flag below! 🇮🇹🏳️‍🌈🇦🇷🇰🇾🇬🇷🇺🇸
Running to get croissants like 🤪🥐 — PARIS! I will be hosting an intimate meet up today at the Eiffel Tower by the carousel (the back one), we will take photos together and hang for a bit! 2-3 PM, can’t wait to meet you! ❤️
Made it to Paris baby ❤️
To all the women and men who are going through or have been through a breakup, a lost friendship, divorce, or just a really hard time.. I wanted to write this because it’s so close to my heart. How to move on from a relationship is one of the hardest but most beautiful things I’ve ever had to do, and I’ve been through it a few times. It’s not really something I look at as “negative”, but a chance to rebuild myself and grow in a much different and positive way. When your heart is broken, remember that this deep feeling of hurt is temporary, and that with this very difficult time in your life will also come strength that you never even knew you had. I know it’s easier said than done to take the pain you are feeling right now and to look at it as something empowering, but in time you will understand that your heart has this amazing ability to heal itself and your soul will feel reborn, with new experiences and new growth that you’ll be forever thankful for. ❤️❤️❤️ — Our stay @shangrilalondon was incredible, right near this bridge.. @visitlondon #London #Travels #TravelingTheWorld #TravelBlogger #Effortlyss
There once was a girl who had everything. She had family, and friends, and a loving home. She traveled to beautiful places and had enough on her table to eat. She was rich with experiences and always had a lot to say. She was healthy, hard working, and passionate about everything that came her way. But for some reason, deep down, she still felt empty inside. It was like no matter what she did, this feeling of emptiness never seemed to fade away. Until years later, she began to pour out her advice to other people. She donated her time and her energy to people who needed it more than she did. She began to find purpose in helping others more than she helped herself, and finally this filled the place in her heart that she thought she could never fill. ✨🙏🏽❤️ — My message to you is that no matter how much you have, there is no better feeling or more satisfying feeling than knowing you’ve impacted others lives and that you are giving yourself to others with nothing expected in return. When I was younger, I thought money, success and “fame” would make me happy and although I am grateful for my life, none of these things provide anyone with true happiness in the long term. I find my purpose through helping others, and this is what allowed me to see life for what it really is about. — Snapped at the beautiful @shangrilalondon #Effortlyss so I can see your travel photos ✈️
LONDON – *update* I’m having a meet up today at 5:30-6:30 PM at Covent Gardens!!! Check my story for details! 💕💕💕 We’ll be taking cute photos the whole time together 📷 Can’t wait to see you there!!! — Side note: How beautiful is this cafe? Hopped off the plane and the first thing I did was stop to get coffee in #London ☕️ Actually, I ordered a 24K gold coconut milk hot chocolate which you can see in my insta stories, a ginger green tea, and an espresso shot 😳👋🏽 I guess you can say I have a slight caffeine addiction, which I’m working on...slowly but surely hahaha. — Just want to say how thankful I am to be in London again and so grateful to have such a big part of you as my instagram family ☺️ See you all at 5:30 tonight! Comment if I’ll see you there!!! — #Effortlyss so I can see your travel photos ✈️
I’m a big believer that if you focus on amazing skincare products, you won’t ever need a lot of makeup 😌 One of the keys to clear, healthy skin for me has been more cleansing and treating my face with products that have good ingredients. 🙏🏽💧 — I posted how much I love @loccitaneusa before, and their new AQUA Reotier collection is nothing short of amazing. The cleanser is my favorite to use in the morning when I wake up and I use it again before bedtime, followed by the face cream. Everything is moisturizing and keeps my skin glowing and feeling fresh! — I’m so excited to be giving away two full ranges of AQUA Reotier products,one for you and one for a friend, because I know how much you all will LOVE it 🤗💦 All you have to do is: · Follow me, @effortlyss · Follow @loccitaneusa · Like the photo and comment tagging a friend using #howihydratesweepstakes · http://bit.ly/Effortlyssloccisweeps — #HowIHydrate #LoveLoccitane #ad
SUCH a fun event with @popsugar to celebrate the new season of #theboldtype on @theboldtypetv !! ⚡️⚡️💃🏼💃🏼 I got tattooed, drew some art, had my brows touched up, and met some amazing people!! ☺️ Swipe to see more of the experience 🤟🏽 — #TheBoldType returns with a 2 hour season premiere on Tuesday, June 12th at 8/7c on Freeform!
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