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β€” {late} National Best Friend’s Day ~~>> I’m back bitches ~~>> My editing thing wouldn’t work β€”>>ac: mine β€”>>dt: Lila, Char, Asheeb, Hamster, and Blue Jay β€’β€’>> #ederragrp
Who wants a DT to a Bark Fluffalo edit?? (Mark Ruffalo)
β€” Happy Avengers (no spoilers) ~~>> Needed to lift my spirits after IW ~~>> I’m a spoiler free page β€”>>ac: @eder.audios β€”>>dt: the poor souls that broke after IW (and Blue Jay)
Just posted. Also this is my favorite galaxy: ARP 273
β€” My Faves ~~>> Scrap Edit πŸ˜ͺ ~~>> my other edit keeps glitchin so here β€”>>ac: @eder.audios β€”>>dt: the people who stan these beauties as well
Posting soon #axisrct
β€” My Gay Sons ~~>> I’m not crying… you are 😭 ~~>> DESERVED BETTER β€”>>ac: @eder.audios β€”>>dt: ALL Call Me By Your Name Fans
Posting again soon
β€” Singularity ~~>> I’m not crying… you are 😭 ~~>> had to repost cuz of problem β€”>>ac: @eder.audios β€”>>dt: for Lila and Singularity Stans
Just posteddddddddd
β€” Happy Birthday RDJ! β€”>>ac: @eder.audios β€”>>dt: To All RDJ Stans and RDJ himself
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β€” Happy Birthday Ryan! ~~>> You’re a really cool dude and thank you for being a great boyfriend to my sister. You two deserve each other β€”>>ac: @eder.audios β€”>>dt: To Ryan and Natie obvi
Posting again soon
β€” Happy Birthday Clark Gregg! ~~>> Low quality edit for a high quality man πŸ’• β€”>>ac: @eder.audios β€”>>dt: Any and all AOS fans
Just posted πŸ™ƒ #lostgrpsct
β€” Avengers Vent β€”>>ac: @eder.audios β€”>>dt: @lila.vanacore @avengersaestheticsss
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