GAP x Get Out
Stick up kids corrupt cops and crack rocks
#mood jus hitting dees blenz real quick
Never trust a man with more than 6 selfies on his timeline
Simple yet effective
Govmnt 🧀
Special thanks to Virgil Abelow and my man Shoe surgeon, 1/8 blessed w this custom for the gawd, #vraer
Blessed to have known this man, since gettin ran up on in the Melrose alleys circa y2K, and him tellin us his story of how he came here from Shaolin, and road bikes and was a og tagger and bomber. The word King in graffiti is not to be used lightly, but king is a understatement for this cat, the realest one i ever met. RIP King Serch, heroes are remembered but legends never die.🙏🏽
Üb-tube ft. Despacito Two-Pae
Slayeth thy Runyon
Early morning buzz
Nephew Skidney
"Benedek - Bene's World" from the man himself @benedek___ , available now on thick waxxx, future classic, get it now at leavingrecords.com @leavingrecords ,cover art by yours truly
Grown ass kids #jumbodickidiots
It's not the weatha, to wear no sweata
U gon learn @devintroy
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