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#honestreview I didn’t think @daiyafoods could beat their original mac and cheez but this white cheddar flavor is phenomenal 🙌🏼 it tastes just like normal white cheddar Mac & I have no idea how they did it. It’s sorcery 😂
For everyone else it’s tan season & for me it’s freckle season ✨☀️ #gingerproblems #paleaf #sundayfunday #roseintheusa #makeupaddiction
This was well deserved after surviving the first week of #botoxmarathon at work @ilovelyleback 🙌🏼🍷#TGIF #winetime #brigantinebeach #ilovelyleback
#jerseyshore sunsets are some of the best around 😍🔥 #nofilterneeded
Had meatball parm fries from @banzonj and a @dogfishhead seaquench sea mule from @thedistrictbarnj 🍹Banzo serves only plant based foods which is perfect for my dairy-free self 🙌🏼🍟 New favorite spot!
Did a nice upper body workout today & per the usual my traps have zero chill 🤷🏼‍♀️They grow 3x as fast as any other upper body muscle I have 😩
#honestreview of @daiyafoods vegan, gluten free deluxe creamy mac & cheese. It gets a 9/10 from me! I might as well be a child when it comes to mac and cheese because I’m super picky but this was a pleasant surprise. Texture was similar to velvetta shells and cheese and the flavor is better than some gluten free options I’ve tried. I’ve been able to tolerate the dairy free life pretty easily but I’ve really missed mac and cheese and pizza, so this is a life saver! 🧀
Sunday Funday ☀️🌊
Fridays call for avocado and egg toast 🙌🏼🥑✨#tgif
One of my favorite snacks! So simple and delicious 😋 • • • 🍞 Light English muffin• 🧀 1 laughing cow light Swiss wedge• 🐟 2oz smoked salmon• 🍴 Salt & Pepper to taste•
This is how everyone should see a movie! Delicious food & a drink 🍔🥃 @coach_callen19 #jurassicworldfallenkingdom
What makes a crappy week better? Duck donuts 😍🍩 @duckdonuts #summerassortment
“I need the smell of summer, I need it’s noises in my ears”🎵☀️ #brandnew
This is 1000% me. Except cow isn’t in my road rage vocabulary 😂🤬 #itsalwayssunnyinphiladelphia #sunnyclips #jerseydrivers #itsapassinglanekaren #movebitchgetouttheway
Not only are @munkpack cookies delicious but their customer service is exceptional! After I posted that I was missing a cookie from my box, that I purchased from target, they contacted me within 10 minutes to offer a replacement! Customer service: 100/10 and this chunky, chocolate chippy, peanut butter cookie is a 13/10 😍🙌🏼 No artificial sweetener/protein aftertaste just soft baked, all natural goodness!✨ #vegan #treenutfree #nongmo #glutenfree #animalfriendly
Post lift walk by the river 😍
Sometimes the most simple meals end up being the best meals 🍓🍳 pre leg day eats: 198g egg whites, 89g mini bell peppers topped with a few dashes of @hank_sauce & 107g strawberries 🙌🏼🔥
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