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DJ Working with major artists, producers, and musicians in the music industry. Videogamer, Avid Sneakerhead, Basketball Fan and Fitness Junkie.

My latest pickup. I’ve heard mixed reviews so I’m keeping my fingers cross that a childhood classic wasn’t ruined. If anyone has played #secretofmana let me know what you think.
Crushing these single leg calf raises on #flexfriday time to get them to grow. This is after getting them pumped up by repping out 315 by using both legs at the same time to now focusing on balancing out both individually. Turn your weaknesses in to your strengths.
Need I say more?!?! Get out there and do something today. #motivation #throwbackthursday
Don’t ever settle and except less. You have to remain hungry to push for excellence. If this doesn’t motivate you to get yourself together I don’t know what will. #Repost @100.round.trippin ・・・ Bet not b chillin! #team18wheelers #whotrippin #boxing #100round #grind #fight #levelup #nextlevel #greatness #motivation #et #valentinesday #financialfreedom #work #workout
Thanks for the quick edit @mastersbodybuilder this is my back progress in a month or so from getting some advice on using proper form. The bottom is before and the top is current #transformationtuesday
My last set of wide grip pull ups. This was after deadlifts and rows so I was exhausted but to quote my friend @mikebigdipper “get it done” so there you have it. Now off to Oak Steakhouse for dinner. #mondaymotivation #monday
I’ve been sluggish this morning but it’s time to turn that around and get moving. I’ve got a full day of work before I can get to the gym but that’s ok, everyone needs to sleep in from time to time. #mondaymotivation #monday #mondaymood #justdoit
From last nights leg workout. Unintentionally I captured this shot, looking like @bfierse Big shoutout to him for being a great motivation to stay focused on nutrition and workouts.
At the PNC Arena watching the UNC vs NC State game. It’s close so far.
Finally it’s #flexfriday . After a few days of traveling to Toronto to get some work done, it was time for a #progress #instapic I’m finally starting to see my abs again.
#Repost @wallo267 This was the motivation that I needed to hear today. So many people hide behind smoke and mirrors and don’t want to admit that they have just as many problems as anyone else. Hopefully someone gets this message and is inspired to do something today that was they didn’t plan on doing. ・・・ YOU AINT ALONE 🎥 #goprohero6 #goprofamily #pumalife #pumaculture hoodie by: @diaforastyle @malika_m
Made it to the gym early during the snowstorm and pushed the maximum 410 lbs on the leg press at the hotel for some reps. Gotta keep up the intensity by using time under tension on the road. S/O @tbearski2001 for the much needed motivation to get up and going at 5am today. #toronto #snow #canada
View of downtown Toronto at Canoe. Now time to chill out and see if I can get tickets to see the Raptors play the Celtics. #toronto #celtics #downtown #nba #canoe #dinner
I made it to Toronto, well Mississauga better yet. All I can say is that it’s brick as SHIT outside with the wind chill. All in all the hotel is on point with everything from multiple restaurants, full commercial sized gym, pools, and believe it or not a mini water park with a large water slide. If anyone lives in this area please let me know some of the best restaurants that I need to visit while in town.
Last nights episode of Dragonball Super is easily one of the best from the entire series. Vegeta vs Toppo was no joke. Finally Vegeta got a moment!
Getting in a quick active rest day abs and arms session after some stretching/mobility work. Now off to pack for Toronto and watch the super bowl.
It finally that time for #flexfriday I’m finishing up some hamstring #mobility training. What is everyone else doing today?
#Facts if you want people to follow back provide great content and interact with others. That’s just my two cents. #Repost @robiiiworld ・・・ (TAG 3️⃣ & COMMENT "FOLLOW " LETTER BY LETTER) is it really that serious @lookatmewinning ?😩‼️😂😂 - - 3/30 Videos For #ROBIIIUNLEASHED @Kosher COMING SOON - - #followback #instagram #follow #iphone #charger #dead #chargedup #followforfollow #funny #relatable #comedy #car #boy #crash hat 🎩 by @a_mula__
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